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Vipp kitchen in a Manhattan creative agency

The Vipp kitchen in a Manhattan creative agency

One brand dear to my heart is Danish design company Vipp. From their kitchen accessories, to their Award-Winning kitchen and the Vipp shelter which I would really love to visit once, everything is beautifully designed. In 2014, while I was still running the BODIE and FOU online concept store (now sold), we had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Vipp to design an exclusive limited edition BODIE and FOU x Vipp bin which some of you may remember or even own. A similar collab’ had been done previously with Parisian concept store MERCI so for us, it was a big deal. The BODIE and FOU x Vipp bin was exclusively sold in their store in Copenhagen and in our shop and was even purchased by her H.R.H. Princess Marie of Denmark. I was there when her H.R.H purchased it and I asked her if we could do a photo for promotional purposes but she kindly declined ;-) #protocol It was an interesting & inspiring collaboration during which, we also launched our collection of BODIE and FOU prints (I …

A beautiful home in Greece

Kalimera! A beautiful home in Greece

Greece is one of those travel destinations that ticks many boxes in my book…I love mediterranean food and I’m quite happy to eat grilled fish, fresh salads with feta cheese and eggplants at each meal providing I don’t have to cook. The landscape in Greece is also very beautiful and as a white interiors lover, those little white houses with gorgeous blue accents scream Summer to me. Greece is also still reasonably affordable as a holiday destination. Umm…maybe one destination that I should add to my places to go for 2018. Have you been recently!?

Menu space in Copenhagen by Norm Architects

Cph Menu space by Norm Architects

Visiting Copenhagen is always a good idea especially when there is a new cool space to discover designed by all-time favourite Norm Architects. So if you’re planning a long weekend there, I’m inviting you to add the Menu space to your must-see list.

A beautiful family home in Biarritz, France

A feel-good, family home in Biarritz, France

I’m slowly getting over the jet lag from my recent trip to San-Francisco and start feeling like a functioning human being again so today, let me show you this beautiful French family home in Biarritz which is a dream! READ ON…

Bathroom with a polished concrete floor

I’ve dreamt about this bathroom since this post on three bathrooms using concrete and I’m very grateful to Elisabeth for answering all my questions and allowing me to start this new series with her bathroom because I don’t know if you’ve noticed but my blog has been re-designed by the talented Ana Degenaar and a new design calls for new series ;-) The DESIGN FILES series is one that I wanted to do for a while because I’ve always felt it was one thing to look at nice, inspiring interiors and another, to really know how they did it, what materials they used, what challenges they encountered and with this bathroom, I had a lot of questions… 1. Natural basket | 2. Antique Elm stool | 3. Vipp bin 1/ Was your bathroom a renovation project or built from scratch as part of a new building?It was a renovation project. We bought the house a year ago and when planning the bathroom, I realised it was far too small for a family with young children …

BODIE and FOU House Tour: A stunning white & concrete loft, industrial lighting. Read more on

A stunning white & concrete loft in Eindhoven

In the recent years, European lofts have been given New-York lofts quite a run for their money. The last family loft featured here was hugely inspiring, packed with beautiful details and an amazing chandelier from Anthropologie. Today, I’m taking you to Eindhoven to visit Jason’s beautiful loft. An amazing 87 sqm loft space with 4.60 m high walls which proved to be a bit challenging to paint.

3 beautiful bathrooms using concrete

Since my last post last April, I have to admit that our bathroom is still very much looking like a war zone but we are making progress with our plans. As the bathroom is just one part of our renovation projects, I’m sure you know that it’s best to tackle everything at once to keep the budget under control rather than one room at the time. On other hand, it gives me enough time to clear our home and put more things on Ebay while deciding on the look I want to achieve.

Two soft industrial kitchens I love

There are two kitchens I have loved for a very long time… The first one belongs to Dutch artist Paula Leen and you can see her whole house published in a book I highly recommend Rethink: The Way You Live, written by Amanda Talbot Paula and her husband have created a home in total harmony with nature. The hues of greys in the house are inspired by the clay soil surrounding their house and the space is filled with raw timbers, earthy tones, extures and wooden furniture similar to these. The second one belongs to renowned trend forecaster Li Edelkoort and spurred me to pu an option on the old work benc sitting in my dad’s workshop in France, so that one day, I could use it the way Li used it in her kitchen.Both of them feel very peaceful and calming, don’t you think? // 1. Photography: Hotze Eisma, 2. UnknownSharing is caring ❤️ Leave a comment and let’s have a chat…