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How to make your own advent calendar

How to make your own advent calendar

I know that all children (including Mila) are eagerly waiting to open their advent calendar and get a little treat before going to school. This year, I’ve made our own advent calendar with plain white matchboxes and hung them with Command Brand transparent plastic hooks. Both can easily be found on Amazon. These Command™ Clear Decorating Clips hooks are fantastic to hang Christmas decorations without damaging your walls. I also use them on styling projects, to hang garlands in Mila’ bedroom or for her birthday party. The other thing I use a lot all year long is their picture hanging strips. I think is worth mentioning this article again because I regularly see people on Instagram asking how they can hang picture frames without drilling into their walls. Each time I’m like “Command Brand people, Command Brand!” (please read it if you haven’t done so, you will thank me). Once you have everything listed below, it should not take you more than 20 minutes to make your own advent calendar. To make this advent calendar, you will …

10 jolies, naturelles couronnes de Noël à faire

10 beautiful, inspiring Christmas wreaths to make

I’ve always loved Christmas wreaths and today is just about inspiring you to make your own Christmas wreaths. I know it may be a bit early for some, to start thinking about Christmas. However, as per my post from yesterday, I want to re-focus on things that provide us with a great deal of happiness and peace. I’m talking about doing things that are good for our body and for our soul. For some of you, me-time will be a warm bath and lounge around in your gorgeous Hush pyjamas. Personally, when I find the time, I find it very calming to make things while listening to the radio or baking a gluten-free banana cake for Mila or doing some DIY. Whatever I chose to do, usually provides me with a great sense of achievement. So, there are two things I really would like to make before the end of the year: 1) a beautiful wreath inspired by nature, 2) some scented candles… I love scented candles. Making some to give to the people I love, has been on my to-do list for a …