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Breakfast for champions or how to heal your soul & body with healthy food. Read on

Breakfast for champions

Breakfast is my favourite meal. I love how it gives me the chance to reset my mind and start fresh with healthy food. I love the feeling of doing something good for myself, to do things slowly… with awareness. Beside no 9 which will eventually come back when I’m ready and no 3 which I have replaced by homeopathy, these days I’m pretty much sticking to these healthy habits I’ve formed since the beginning of the year. On the subject of eating healthy food, recent researches are suggesting that depression is a result of inflammation caused by the body’s immune system. In a nutshell, anything processed (soft drinks, junk food, refined sugars) creates unhappy guts which then leads to depression (mild or severe). It’s a vast subject and one that I don’t have the energy to discuss at length right now but having experienced it first hand and seeing the positive effects, changing my diet did to my well-being since the beginning of the year, I’m firmly convinced there is a relation between what we eat …

How to deal with anxiety in a positive way. Read on

How to deal with anxiety in a positive way

I think we all suffer from anxiety at some point in our lives. Job, break-up, loss, move, changes, anything stressful can trigger some anxiety, which sometimes escalades into panic attacks (and these really suck!) or worse case scenario into depression. I had an interesting conversation recently with my sister about anxiety. She had read that anxiety was like a messenger that meant well. The only thing, it speaks a foreign language and it keeps coming back until we’ve finally understood what it is trying to say. “I love the idea” says Elodie but “I have absolutely no clue about what I’m supposed to understand and this little shit keeps waking me up with its crypted message in the middle of the night!”. This made me burst out laughing at a time I felt like crying but I think it’s really helpful and calming to look at anxiety like an omen that genuinely wants to help us.