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10 healthy habits to nurture on holidays

What type of person are you on holidays? Do you implement healthy habits? Do you tend to indulge or use the time off to reset your mind and body? In the recent years I have been the latter, using holidays to either go back on track if I had massively fallen off the health wagon or just trying new things like a 5-detox, having a daily green smoothie, eating raw salads, making small healthy changes and building healthy habits.

You are what you do, not what you say you will do

You are what you do, not what you say you will do

Since Christmas, I had the following words resonating in my head: “Walk the talk” and “What if?”. So somehow I feel that 2015 is the year when I’m finally ready to re-invent myself (wow big words there!). I have spent the last 9 years trying to lose the weight I put on after being pregnant, working hard to make my business grow and the last three years, really addressing my issues around food and my emotions. Both spiralled into a mild depression at the end of 2013 for which I’m grateful, because this experience, has made me understand a lot of things and one being that I need to take care of myself. Upon this challenging phase in my life, I started questioning what the food I was eating was doing to my body and well-being and then started making some changes… 2012: I gave up smoking 2013: After getting ill, I gave up gluten (my breathing and bloating problems disappeared), started drinking 1.5 Lt to 2 Lt of water/day and took up Bikram yoga. 2014: I asked for a Nutribullet …


If you are after a great little café in West London that provides fresh, honest, healthy food, check out KIN. They have gorgeous, fresh salads and lucky me, they also have great gluten-free options. As I’m changing my whole lifestyle and eating habits, I’m currently in a “refined sugar free zone” which means that I have replaced refined sugar found in biscuits, processed food (anything coming with a packaging basically!) by natural sugar from fruits but I’m a foodie and their gluten-free chocolate and mandarin loaf cake sounds delicious! It’s a really nice space with lots of natural light and a great place to escape from the madness of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road if you are in the area shopping… The beautiful grey high-stools are from HabitatThe stools and tables were designed by Dean Edmonds and the tiles on the counter were bought from the Tile Studio in Putney but I also highly recommend Castlenau Tiles where I got the tiles from for our en-suite in our loft conversion (check #bodieandfourenovations on Instagram) // Photography: French & Tye