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10 healthy habits to nurture on holidays

What type of person are you on holidays? Do you implement healthy habits? Do you tend to indulge or use the time off to reset your mind and body? In the recent years I have been the latter, using holidays to either go back on track if I had massively fallen off the health wagon or just trying new things like a 5-detox, having a daily green smoothie, eating raw salads, making small healthy changes and building healthy habits.

10 positive things changing your lifestyle will do for you. Read on >>

How a few lifestyle changes will improve your life in 10 positive ways

I have seen so many positive changes to my well-being since this post that I think it’s time to put them in writing and maybe this will motivate you to do the same (if that’s what you long to do) because frankly, I think it’s worth it and every woman deserves to feel good. So yes there is no secret, it all comes down to knowing yourself and looking after yourself… Eating a well-balanced diet, staying away from junk food & refined sugars, exercising regularly, laughing a lot, having a positive, support group of people around you etc… I’ve given up smoking, I don’t drink a lot because, over the years, I have found that I feel much better if I have just one glass of wine rather than 3 and little by little, I’m making changes to my diet. Once a change has become a habit, I had another small one… “Baby steps, girls, baby steps” So here are what a few lifestyle changes will do to you   It will improve your skin. Granted …

5 healthy habits you should pick up right now

Healthy habits tend to go through the window by the time Xmas comes. It is often a stressful and tiring period for everyone. We have to find the perfect gifts for everyone within the budget. We have to ship gifts we haven’t bought yet to relatives overseas. Pay for flight tickets that cost three times the normal cost, and we drink and at more than usual. During that time, our healthy habits go often through the window. So this year, let’s take 5 minutes to focus and pick up on 5 those wellness habits right now…not next month, not next year…but right now!! HEALTHY HABIT #1 Stop drinking coke, diet coke, or any soft drinks you are addicted to (yes if you need one a day to go through the day, it is an addiction). There is nothing worse for your health and well-being than drinking soft drinks. These soft drinks are designed to make you craving for more refined sugars. Forget about willpower, emotional eating. If you want to get out of this uncontrollable spiral that …