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5 things I want right now!

Today’s post is inspired by my sister‘s look yesterday… 1/ She was wearing a long, light parka suitable for Paris’ rainy weather (today the sun is shining) but this new military jacket is right on trend and perfect for Spring 2/ We are both fans of white t-shirts with V-neck and these from Hush are great and stay in shape. 3/ She was wearing it with an Isabel Marant biker jeans from last season but these cropped skinny jeans would look great too 4/ and a pair of Stan Smith that she didn’t want me to try on because she is 36 and I’m 37 but I tried them on anyway for a split second when she was in the kitchen and they are super cool!! 5/She had a really nice black shoulder bag from Polder similar to this Jerome Dreyffus bag Today is sunny so we are off out and about. Have a great day and stay healthy! SHOP THE POST:


5 things I want right now!

Now that I’m out of my ski gear, it’s time to have fun again. I bought a very nice jumpsuit while in Andorra which I will show you once I feel normal again and I’ve managed to get rid of my cold and blocked nose. 1/ This week I love this gorgeous grey tunic from Acne Studios to wear over a pair of white jeans. My favourites are these Ridley skinny jeans and I just spotted a cool pair of boyfriend jeans in white from Hush Homewear. 2/ My next treat on achieving my fitness goals will be this gorgeous Mamba clutch in black from L’Atelier13, a small indie label. I follow Anne-Sophie who is based in Paris on Instagram and I love her style so I’m pretty sure you will love it too. 3/A great investment piece is this buttery pair of Liv leather leggings in caviar to wear with a pair of Converse or New Balance (I want these grey vintage trainers), a white t-shirt and this fab knitted biker jacket 4/For a sexy, smart look, I would wear the Liv leggings with this beautiful pair of Lola …

A few of my favourite leather Biker jackets. For more inspo, head to

My favourite looks with a biker leather jacket

It took me about 6 weeks to realise that the biker leather jacket I searched high & low for weeks in our home in London, was in one of our cupboards in France where I had left it last time I came down. I haven’t got this commuting between London and France quite sorted out yet :-) So I’m gonna wear mine today with leather trousers and since a lot of you loved the biker jackets I featured on yesterday’s post, Instagram and Facebook, I’ve put together my favourite looks for you below.


5 things I want right now!

How are you doing guys? I had a pretty tough week, mostly because our site has been experiencing technical issues and for an online shop, it’s never good news but I’m trying to keep my spirits up by focusing on my fitness goals. I went for a run yesterday and felt sooo good afterwards, sport is really salvation. It doesn’t solve everything but it really helps you to handle stress in a much better way. I hope you’re still very focused on your goals too. Don’t give up! Just focus on one day at the time and trust the process. If you eat clean and exercise daily (be it an intense cardio circuit, a walk, a run or yoga), just make sure you make it part of your lifestyle. Eventually it will pay off and think how much fun we will have wearing all the things we want or look at our wardrobe without ever thinking “this doesn’t fit me”   1/ Out of the 5 THINGS I WANT RIGHT NOW! this week is, this fabulous leather jacket. …


5 things I want right now!

Hello everyone, I had a little break from the blog during the holiday but as you can see on Instagram, I was busy getting healthy, making my daily green smoothy and trying different combos. I also gave up alcohol a week before New Year’s Eve. I’m not really missing it and in comparison, giving up coke zero was a lot harder but I feel so much better. I’m drinking lots of water throughout the day and make sure I eat a balanced, healthy diet with plenty of leafy greens and proteins (no crazy diet). Back to fashion, there are some amazing pieces to grab right now in the sale. 1. I love, love, love these slim-fit leather trousers from Mango at 30% OFF. An easy, fashion look to wear with ankle boots, the linen t-shirt I usually get from Zara Summer collections and this soft cashmere jumper to wear bare skin (SO nice). 2. This beautiful ice and fur jacket at £144 instead of £180 by Hush which incidentally, has some pieces I’ve blogged about throughout the year in their pre-sale. Check out the wanderlust jacket and this quilted dress in aubergine. …

5 things I want right now!

5 things I want right now!

This week, I have been totally obsessing about this watch. I thought initially it was a men’s watch but the case is 43 mm (which seems ok for women) + it’s called “Bradshaw” which I suspect can only be a reference to Carrie. Even if it had been for a watch for men, I was ok with it. I like wearing big watches. They make my wrist look smaller and its a bit like my Isabel Marant sneakers, they are quite big (and comfy) but they also make my legs look slimmer. Anyway, Nordstrom who normally ship things to the UK, does not ship this watch! Seriously…I spent hours trying to find it on a UK website so until I succeed here are 5 things I want right now!  

Isabel Marant workspace

I’m into work spaces at the moment (like this one) and preferably inspiring workspaces…Having new people in our team, makes me want to change, move things around and create a great working environment for them. We all love how this mood board runs across the whole wall and since we have a beautiful, white brick wall staring at us in the office, we’ve decided that each time we come across great work spaces, we will add them to our Pinterest board here. I’m a huge fan of Isabel Marant (her style goes nicely with Clare Vivier‘s bags) and I would love to have a few these industrial clothes rails packed with Isabel Marant pieces. What do you think?