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5 things you want right now in the sale!

5 things I want right now!

Net-a-Porter is seriously a dangerous place to be at the moment. Each time I look at their sale, I spot something really nice like this pair of Chloé leather sandals Lucy from Fashion Me Now has been raving about. The thing for me is first, I hate clutter in the house. So I’m not going to get X amounts of paires of shoes just because they are in the sale. Secondly, I think now I have found the style that works for my figure and age, I want to get something that is really ME and I will wear as much as I wear my Isabel Marant pieces. Granted it took me a few months to get a pair of Stan Smith (they are 20% OFF on Zalando) but it turned out to be a good purchase (for me!) as I wear them weekly. The last thing I want and I suspect it’s the same for you, is to have things in my wardrobe that I don’t wear. So here are a few other things that I think are …