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5 THINGS I WANT RIGHT NOW! 15/05/2015 Read on >>

5 things I want right now!

1/ ok, just so you know…I had a Oh My God kind of moment when I spotted these Lille lace-ups 2/Boden has some great shirts like this denim top (similar to the one above) and this Astrid top goes nicely with a skirt or trousers. 3/ Now that I have my Kaftan dress which I love, next on my shopping list is this gorgeous Palm Beach top. This broderie top from Boden spotted in this article about the Violet Bakery in East London looks fab too. 4/While Mila thought my dark brown nail varnish last week, looked a bit Goth, I thought it looked pretty cool ;-) 5/ and I’m glad jupe-culottes* are back in fashion. I remember my mum wearing them to go to work when I was a teen. It’s a great option if you’re not comfortable showing off your legs in denim shorts and they are usually very flattering. I love this chambray version for the beach and this culotte (jupe-culotte whatever) from Hush is a bit longer. This colourful Cara skirt looks great too! *I know you call them culottes in …