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Our guest bedroom makeover with plywood

This is the 3rd bedroom makeover I’ve tackled in our home in France since we left London and moved back to France. This room used to be a guest bedroom with a double bed and was decorated with pretty French vintage lights (for sale here). When we started living full time in what used to be our holidays home, I changed things a bit to suit our new living requirements. I first moved the two single mattresses out of Mila’s bedroom and replaced them by a comfortable super king mattress from EVE to make sure the ever-growing teen she is, would get good sleep. You may have seen the whole room makeover already but if you haven’t, you can read about it here and here for a desk area makeover. New living arrangement Steve now works in London again and sometimes works from home on Mondays and Fridays. As I seem to talk too much when we both work from the dining table, he set himself up a little home office in that guest room. This was fine …

Stonewashed linen by Magic Linen

Stonewashed linen by Magic Linen

As much as I love travelling, there is nothing better than coming back to your own bed knowing that you will be warm, comfy and feeling secure under soft stonewashed linen sheets. For years, I checked the beddings and mattresses in all the nice hotels I slept in as an attempt to achieve the same level of comfort in my own home. I feel I have finally achieved this. For me, it comes down to a few things: first a great mattress and if possible a Super King size so you can get up without waking up your partner (check ours here), comfy memory-foam pillows, and finally stonewashed linen bedding. Besides the effortlessly chic look of naturally crumpled fabric which suits my interior style, I’ve never achieved with cotton duvet covers, the level of comfort I get from stonewashed linen bedding. I guess it’s a matter of personal tastes but I’m team #stonewashedlinen. Before the Summer holidays, I discovered the beautiful linen collection by MagicLinen. Based in Lithuania, they ship around the world. Their collection includes organic, eco-friendly stonewashed linen in various colours. …

How to redecorate a teen's bedroom on a budget

How to redecorate a teen’s bedroom on a budget

If you’ve missed my stories on Instagram on Friday, I was explaining that a friend of mine is giving Mila maths lessons every Friday while I’m doing conversational English with his thirteen years old. Victoire is a good student and her English level is good so we had great fun talking about her recent family holidays in Corsica, the sports she does, boyfriend, movies and we came to the subject of things she wanted to change in her bedroom. As we covered quite a lot of topics, I suggested to her that for our next lesson, I do her mood board to re-decorate her room and we spend some time on Pinterest to find inspiration. As soon as I say this, her face lit up and clearly, she was super excited by the idea :-) So here is the mood board I did for her… Victoire’s bedroom: Her room is in her modern house. Her walls are painted white except the one behind her bed which is mauve. She had a lot of knick-knack in fuschia or …

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed

Indulging in breakfast in bed this morning because I have a really busy week ahead and I need to quiet my mind to avoid giving into stress and panic. I’m off to Paris on Wednesday for a very exciting project dear to my heart. I’m going to photograph 20 women wearing a beautiful fashion collection over two days. Then Saturday, I’m photographing two more clients and will head to London next Monday. To add to the positive things, I’m kicking off week #4 of my sugar detox with the last slice of gluten-free, sugar-free banana cake I made over the weekend (recipe here). I found that baking a banana cake is the best way to use those dark, ripped bananas that the kids won’t eat. I like mine with some natural goat milk yoghurt but Mila loves warming it up and adding some butter on top. However, one thing that I learnt this weekend is that sugar-free or not, if a cake is available in the pantry I will eat it so next time, I will freeze half …

White stonewashed linen

How I take a day off from work without feeling guilty

I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday. I have been nursing a sore throat since I came back from London and it was also the ‘2-year anniversary’ date since my dad died so I decided to take it easy. Being gentle with myself and learning when it’s time to slow down is something I’ve learnt the hard way these past few years. The biggest warning I received, was when I got hit by depression four years ago. To these days, I’m hugely grateful it had happened to me and that was also, able to recover from it and move on. Nowadays, I pay attention to what I eat, drink, how I sleep and how much stress there is my life and I make regular adjustments (see my articles on well-being). So I don’t feel guilty when I take a day off watching Netflix because I know that, once I feel better, I will catch up on all the things I need to do.I had this little ball of fur to keep me company: …

Décoration chambre ado: un re-looking inspirant dans des tons doux et apaisants

Mila’s bedroom makeover

Teen’s bedroom makeovers are very gratifying and enjoyable. It is a great opportunity to do something creative with your child (even if you hire someone else to do it). They may even become house proud afterwards. That’s what happened with Mila. She now loves her bedroom so much that she really looks after it. She does her bed every morning, puts her clothes away in the evening and burns scented candles while doing her homework. Her bedroom is now the most welcoming, feel-good room in our home.   Following Mila’s desk makeover, which many of you loved (thank you!) I have now tackled the rest of her bedroom makeover. My goal was to ensure her bed would be warm, comfortable for wintertime while feeling a bit more luxurious. A few months ago, we installed double-glazing which has made our home a lot warmer, cosier and secure. A pricey but necessarily evil home improvement. However, unlike the other bedrooms in our home, Mila’s room is exposed north and sees the least amount of sun. Since Mila didn’t want to …

white stonewashed linen

In bed with white stonewashed linen

It has been a good week but I’m glad it’s the weekend… I put a few styling Xmas shots for clients to bed. I also got nominated again by Vuelio as UK Top Ten Interior Design Blogs (happy dance 1) and  Mila’s desk area makeover got featured on Babyccino (happy dance 2). This weekend will be all about stocking up on lemons for my seasonal detox (let me know if you have any questions about it), chilling out, surfing, re-charging my batteries ahead of next week. I’m planning to tackle Mila’s bed makeover and I’m hoping to be able to make her a new headboard out of plywood. For those interested, the light fitting is the Tolemeo by Artemide and our bed linen is the white King size from the Brisa collection by Made. I’m going to change them now as Plum just got sick on it while I was finishing off this blog post. What are you up to this weekend!?

White bedroom + white floorboards

White bedroom + white floorboards

Here is a sneak-peek of our white bedroom with white floorboards and if you are in need of new bed linens, you may find this post useful. We had some guests that had stained some of our bed linens with pizza and wine so I had to purchase new bed linens from The White Company and Muji. From Muji, I got these soft washed duvets for all the single beds in our home. Five years ago, I had bought an organic white duvet cover from Muji for Mila’s bedroom and at the time, I wish I had bought more because the cotton had a really nice texture that felt like linen. I don’t think these are organic but they still have a really nice texture to them. has also some nice stonewashed linens. I recently bought this Brisa stonewashed linen bed set in pure white for our home in France but I haven’t unpacked it yet. For our bedroom and the bedroom in the loft conversion, I ordered the Savoy duvet cover in white. I had …