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Plaftorm wedges & maxi dress

Plaftorm wedges & maxi dress

I recently received these platform wedges which I ordered from Nordstrom and I wanted to tell you about it because I’m really loving them. Last year, after admiring Sincerely Jules legs wearing these gorgeous wedges, (and secretly hoping I would get the same legs by wearing them), I bought them. Needless to say, that didn’t happen but the shoes looked great and I loved them. The Queen Mother likes saying that I walk like an elephant, I like to think that I have a very decisive step. I basically march on… As such, I will kill any pretty, thin heels in a day, even in a matter of hours so the experience has taught me to go either for flat shoes, sneakers or heels that can stand my power walk. I thought wedges would be a great alternative but it turned out that this specific model wasn’t great for me. I twisted my ankle a few times and the upper strap came out in no time. I took them for repair twice and after the second time, I …

5 THINGS I WANT RIGHT NOW! 03/07/2015 Read on

5 things I want right now!

I’m back in London for a few days with François (you can follow him on Instagram) to style two photoshoots for clients and maybe fit it an interview for a London newspaper. I’m actually really excited to be here. It’s nice to be back in our gorgeous home and I still get a wow factor, Steve is finally back from a 4-weeks bike road trip to Iran and the weather is gorgeous!! Here is my selection this week! 1/Totally in love with this gorgeous Sachi maxi dress (60% OFF!) by Isabel Marant. This mini dress is also fab for the Summer 2/ Now that Steve is back, it’s time to bring out the big guns with this sexy lace bra by Stella McCartney hahaha (matching knickers here) 3/ These Olivia sandals are a Summer must-have 4/During the Summer, I’m always partial to a few straw hats like this Panama hat 5/ and having nice looking feet during the Summer is a must! This foot treatment from Fig+Yarrow is the bomb :-)