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Kitchen makeover in CASA PYLA – phase 1

Following our garden makeover, I’m very excited to share with you today our kitchen makeover in CASA PYLA. For those who haven’t followed this new adventure on Instagram, earlier this year, we bought a very old house in Pyla, 2 minutes walk from the beach on the French Atlantic coast and 5 minutes walk from Le Moulleau (for those who know the area). The house initially named “Bagatelle”  (renamed CASA PYLA by yours truly) was in the same family for over 50 years and as we say in French “dans son jus” meaning not much had been done in those 50 years to improve it. The worst room was the kitchen. It had a large hood (the only time I had seen something similar was in my great-grandmother house), a very old, chipped ceramic sink, old tiles on the walls, some Ikea kitchen units from the 80s and was looking pretty awful. While I was planning to freshen up the bedrooms with new paint, we really had to fit in a new kitchen and bathroom to make the …

Menu space in Copenhagen by Norm Architects

Cph Menu space by Norm Architects

Visiting Copenhagen is always a good idea especially when there is a new cool space to discover designed by all-time favourite Norm Architects. So if you’re planning a long weekend there, I’m inviting you to add the Menu space to your must-see list.