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Minimalist bathroom with off white tones

A minimalist bathroom with off-white tones is likely to be the look of bathroom #3 in CASA PYLA. As known as Mila’s bathroom. Mila spent years telling me that our home in London was too white. Now that I’m moving towards warmer tones, she wants a white bathroom and ensuite. Go figure… This ensuite bathroom is 3.46 m2. It is not a huge space but decent enough for an ensuite. East facing, this bathroom has plenty of natural light all day and a window overlooking the front garden from the first floor. Before we knocked down the partition walls, there was a large built-in wardrobe and a basin. I’m replacing everything by an Italian shower with a niche (see picture below) and a large bathroom sink. I love this L: A BRUKET range, don’t you!? Plenty of storage is key to achieve a minimalist design for your bathroom. A large cupboard will allow you to store eye-sore skincare/hair products away while keeping some of your nicest skincare on display. When it comes to styling a bathroom, my …

How to redecorate a teen's bedroom on a budget

How to redecorate a teen’s bedroom on a budget

If you’ve missed my stories on Instagram on Friday, I was explaining that a friend of mine is giving Mila maths lessons every Friday while I’m doing conversational English with his thirteen years old. Victoire is a good student and her English level is good so we had great fun talking about her recent family holidays in Corsica, the sports she does, boyfriend, movies and we came to the subject of things she wanted to change in her bedroom. As we covered quite a lot of topics, I suggested to her that for our next lesson, I do her mood board to re-decorate her room and we spend some time on Pinterest to find inspiration. As soon as I say this, her face lit up and clearly, she was super excited by the idea :-) So here is the mood board I did for her… Victoire’s bedroom: Her room is in her modern house. Her walls are painted white except the one behind her bed which is mauve. She had a lot of knick-knack in fuschia or …

How to create a mood board for your home in 3 steps

How to create a mood board for your home in 3 steps

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Creating a mood board is one of the most exciting steps when re-designing or refurbishing a room. If you’ve gone through major renovations before, you know that while it is a creative project to start with, it can also be stressful as you rely on other people/tradesmen for the project to come together and one thing you can’t control is what others will do. We always hope to work with tradesmen who are professional, conscientious and who will deliver on time but sadly, it is not always the case. The trickiest thing is finding reliable and available tradesmen that can do the job on time and within budget AND nurture the relationships while they work for you (in case you need them in the future)…but let’s focus on the fun part of a project ;-) Why should you aim to create a mood board? A mood board is a great way to show your tradesmen what your vision is for the room rather than emailing them thousands of pictures from Pinterest. It will give you a better sense of …

Parisian inspiration

Parisian inspiration

I’m in Paris for a couple of days with a program including editing recent shoots, catching up with friends and working in my PJs from the comfort of my sister’s beautiful flat. Elodie is having a new kitchen fitted in a couple of weeks and even her flat is filled with Ikea brown boxes, it still feels very peaceful. I’m currently working on revamp project for our home in London which is being photographed on the 20th November. Not much time left to do everything but I’ve never backed down in front of a challenge. I’m leaning towards softening the look of our lounge with natural materials, texture and handmade things. If you know a few great Ceramists in the UK or ceramic retailers, please let me know. Also, if you’re coming to Paris soon, know that the Salon de la Photo is on. Sadly, I will miss it because I’m flying to Switzerland on a press trip on Thursday to visit Vitra and given how many vintage Vitra pieces I own, it is one …

I love this!

How is this for an inspiring workspace?! I’m showing this to Sophie and Aurora tomorrow! Via VT Wonen