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A minimal home in West London

A minimal home in West London

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the kitchen in this minimal home in West London. The layout and glass roof reminded me of our home in London (you can see some pictures from the renovations here). Before you ask, yes I miss it from time to time. Then I think where we live now… so close to the beach and realize that there is no way I will move back to London and leave the ocean behind. There is an energy there that I feel is extremely positive for our well-being. Plus we have CASA PYLA underway and soon, we will have a beautiful home to live in. Unlike this home, we laid down a concrete floor throughout the ground floor (kitchen and lounge) instead of this pale grey terrazzo flooring. Yet, there are many things I love about this minimal home. So let me show a few details I love about this extension designed by Al-Jawad Pike. There is a very soothing palette used throughout the house with soft tones of white, pale …

Discover the new Slow Collection2019 by TINE K HOME

Slow Collection SS19 | Tine K Home

Over the years, Tine K Home have released home collections that reflect the style and mood of each season. Soft, Moon, Dust, True, Dark and Feel are just a few of the previous names. This year, SLOW is based on honest materials and usable colours for a calm and fundamental yet sophisticated atmosphere. Raw textures, handmade objects, soft fabrics, muted warm tones will take you places. Embrace Summer the slow way and enjoy a calm pace in your home. SLOW by Tine K Home was photographed in the beautiful and minimalist Neuendorf house in Mallorca. Designed by John Pawson and set in an almond grove, with views of sea and mountains, it’s a tranquil, minimalist, ethereal space, surrounded by nature. High bare walls, muted tones, the house is a perfect location for this Summer collection. When the sun breaks through, light and shadow create an ethereal setting to showcase stunning handmade products. A dreamy setting beautifully styled for a collection that makes me crave for Summer. I feel it’s the kind of atmosphere that would suit our next renovation …

A flat with muted tones and minimalist style. The DRD apartment by Vincent Van Duysen

A Belgian flat in muted tones

A few weeks ago, I added this beautiful kitchen to the CASA PYLA feed. I was really taken by its muted tones, simplicity and minimalist style. It’s not the first time that I find spaces designed by Belgian Architect Vincent Van Duysen beautifully stylish, simple and timeless. The man is a master at architectural spaces with muted tones and textured minimalist walls. Residence DRD is a duplex penthouse in Knokke with sea view of the Belgian coast. The main kitchen island is made of a single slab of granite to form the counters and the sink. The tap looks similar to the beautiful minimalist taps designed by Cocoon. It’s a weekend home designed to unwind as well as to be together with family and friends. The use of white and light, natural colours and natural light contribute to the feeling of calm. In the main living area, Van Duysen designed low-level storage space connected to the wall. They serve as seating too. If you pay attention, you will see that the height of these volumes also perfectly align …