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An effortlessly chic & natural style bedroom

Our effortlessly chic & natural style bedroom

I have recently found out that our home in London is going to be featured in the UK edition of Grazia magazine (mid-July issue 688) which, in the middle of the renovations of our home in France, got me super excited. When I left London a few months ago, I was feeling extremely tearful and grateful at the same time, to the extent that I ended up kissing our walls and thanking our home and the universe for the happy years we had there as a family. Have you done this before!?If not, you should try, it’s good karma :-) Here I was saying goodbye to a home, I had loved and cherished but which was also our first family home. It was where I first painted Mila’s bedroom walls in dark grey, where I designed our first (and probably not the last) Tadelakt bathroom, where we completely refurbished the kitchen to create an inviting, open-plan kitchen filled with natural light, transform the loft into a spacious bedroom with black floorboards with en-suite bathroom etc. A few months before …

A warm, minimaliste lounge in neutral hues

A warm lounge in neutral hues

Follow my blog with Bloglovin While doing some research for Mila’s bedroom upcoming makeover to add storage and give her walls a fresh coat of paint (see the most recent makeovers here and here), I came across this soothing lounge in natural hues in the home of Interior Designer, Susanne Swegen. Since we sold our home in London and relocated to the beach in France, I have been moving towards interiors with a more natural feel, textures, and hues of whites and soft greys rather than the all-white Scandi look we had in London. A trend that I can see happening on my two Instagram accounts too: @bodieandfou and @peoplefromthesea (did you notice the change!? :-) As we now surf a lot more and go to the beach at least twice a week offseason, it was inevitable I guess, that the beauty and natural vibes of the surrounding white sandy beaches would rub on me. At first, it was the soothing blend of neutral colours that caught my eyes. Those light grey walls work beautifully with …

A residence in Mykonos by Block 722 Architects

A residence in Mykonos

Since we relocated to our house in France by the beach, I have been eager to change the decoration to fit our new life and lifestyle. Not that the decoration is outdated, quite the opposite actually. I have been impressed how some areas in our home still look modern and timeless after 12 years like our master bedroom with its dark grey feature wall or the Ikea kitchen that hasn’t gone yellow despite being exposed to natural light. However, now that we have received our belongings from London, I feel it’s time to give our home a little makeover and a more beachy look. This is why I was really smitten by the natural touches highlighted in the rendering of this Mykonos residence designed by Block 722, an Architectural practice with offices in Greece and Denmark. Using a neutral palette, earthy materials, and natural soft furnishings, this residence is an invitation to wander around in one of these lovely dresses. Having used a natural lime-based paint by Kalklitir on one of the walls in our lounge to create textures …

A few new things in our home to add warmth & textures

A few new things in our home to add warmth & textures

If you watched my stories yesterday, you probably saw the amount of brown boxes in my lounge. It was a mess and it freaked me out a little but our home is being photographed on Monday (and I will use this opportunity to promote my portrait photography). I also thought it was the perfect opportunity to finish styling the house properly. I always find that when you go through major renovations, you tend to be on top of things for 90% of them and by the time, the heavy work is done, you have no energy left to finish the remaining 10%, which is, in fact, the fun part. It was also a challenge to source everything in the UK when I was stuck in France but apart from a few things, it went pretty smoothly. As I mentioned in this article about adding textures to your home, I moved this lovely Berber rug to our bedroom and put a much larger and beautiful rug from a company called Larusi in our lounge. They have …

French Connection Homeware collection SS16

French Connection homeware SS16

French Connection Home collection has been striking a chord with me for a few seasons now. When it comes to mastering natural materials and textures, their collection is often spot on and more than once, I fell some of their pieces like these coveted Safari chairs (down from £275 to £80), these beautiful textured porcelain bowls wabi-sabi style (8 of them please!) or this small wooden cube to be used as a stool, a bed side table would be perfect for our holidays home in France. READ ON…

Natural bedroom styling in France. Read on

Natural bedroom styling in France

A few weeks ago, I updated the styling of one of the bedrooms in this holidays home which you can rent via Airbnb. Bearing in mind that the house is for sale and I can’t give it too much of a strong identity so everyone visiting it, can project their own style, I have decided to leave the walls white and add small styling touches to create a happy vibe. This was an inexpensive styling job (only about 15 euros for the stretched canvas), a few tear sheets, my BE HAPPY print, some family photos and quotes found on Pinterest.

Today I love...this inspiring styling which blends beautifully textures, B&W photography and industrial furniture. Read on

Today I love…

  First of all, I’m loving this Bank Holiday Monday, don’t you!? We went for a bike ride early this morning to grab breakfast at Artisan, a really nice café in Stamford Brook that François and I shot a couple of years ago for The Simple Things magazine. I’m now sitting on my bed, admiring the view and working on my impeding interior design project in France while answering booking enquiries about this house (this one has only one week left available in August).