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5 comforting and soothing I want to wear right now. Read on

5 things I want right now!

Last time I did a 5 Things I want right now, Mila and I were off to stay with some friends for a wonderful weekend and then Life happened. It has been three weeks now. Some days are good, others are bad and others really bad. I’m trying to go with the flow, to bend not to break. I feel I have little to give so the little amount goes to my family, my sister, my brother, my mum so we can try to go through this together and come out on the other side stronger, closer and eventually happy again. These days, I’m all for anything comforting and soothing…soft cashmere jumpers, soft linen to sleep in, the sweet smell of baking filling the house and things with a happy vibe.

5 things you want right now for the weekend. Read on

5 things I want right now!

Steve is off to Cardiff this weekend to watch the rugby match France Vs New-Zealand with some kiwi friends and Mila and I are heading off near Cap-Breton to stay with friends, as soon as I have welcomed the guests staying in our house. I’ve packed my weekender with pretty much these things…


5 things I want right now!

Good day for a fashion post…As mentioned on Instagram, I’ve lost weight and I’m down from 67kg on 30/12/2014 to 65.2kg today so very happy and most importantly, I’m feeling good. I still feel the aches from the abs workout on Wednesday but I also feel a lot stronger mentally. Following Kayla‘s plan, I’ve re-introduced grains in my nutrition plan (quinoa, rice, rye bread) and it keeps me full throughout the day. 1/ Mango has some great black trousers in the sale right now. My favourites are these high-waist biker trousers (featured above), these welt pocket leggings and these slim-fit trousers. 2/ In the 5 Things I want Right Now! last week, I mentioned  my favourite trench from Burberry but if you are on a budget, GAP has a great classic trench in camel or navy. Personally, I’m also big fan of the J. Crew classic trench which is a happy compromise between the two above. 3/ I grabbed a few of couple of these Monotype notebooks in the BODIE and FOU Sale because I’m sucker for black notebooks and …