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An alternative to the traditional planter

Since I came back from Amsterdam last October, I have been keen to add large plants in our home to use them as design pieces. I got the one above from Ikea over 6 weeks ago and I’m glad to say it is still alive and looking very well. I was so excited over the weekend that I even started talking to her/it. This one (can’t remember the name but I can find out if you want to know) is great because it has a really tropical feel to it and with all our white walls, some mornings when the sun filters through the glass roof of the kitchen, I feel I’m in L.A. rather than in London in December.

Espresso Cafe in Manhattan

Espresso Cafe in Manhattan

Located on Madison Avenue in New-York, the Espresso Cafe was designed by Nema Workshop, a team of Architects & Designers who specialize in creating conceptually innovative spaces. I initially thought the walls were covered by wallpaper but in fact, the walls are covered with tiles printed with sepia-tones photos of books. It gives the room an Inception-esque or Alice in Wonderland-esque sense (depending on your film references) that the room has suddenly been turned upside down. What do you think? Pretty visually impressive, isn’t it!?