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8 helpful fitness motivation tips to work out

Finding motivation to work out is half the battle so if you’re struggling, here are 8 tried & tested fitness motivation tips which will get you back on track! These fitness motivation tips are the ones I find most useful and they usually help me to go back on track once I’ve fallen off the wagon and we all do! Fitness motivation tip 1: As I exercise first thing in the morning (I really can’t be bothered in the evening!), I usually find that checking my favourite fitness accounts on Instagram when I go to bed, motives me to work out in the morning the day after. My current favourite accounts are @kaylaitsines @barrebody (stunning) @selfmagazine @clean_eating_alice (for clean eating inspo) @amberdodzweit (for badass girls) and @biancamaycheah who I found uplifting and beautiful. Fitness motivation tip 2: The other thing I do is treating myself with new gear and when the sale is on, it is the perfect time to grab a few goodies for less money. Always style-conscious, I love wearing all black when I work out. It kind of limit the damages …

5 things I want right now! 12th December 2014

5 things I want right now!

It has been such a long week that I feel I haven’t done a “5 things I want right now” for ages when in fact I did one last Friday. To top it up, I don’t know about your part of the country (in Europe I mean..because I know that in Oz and kiwi land, you are all sporting denim shorts and bikinis right now!) but this week in London has been pretty cold and I just fancy wearing something super comfy and warm.