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our contemporary garden makeover with FERMOB

Our contemporary garden makeover with Fermob

What better way to kick off a series of posts on the CASA PYLA renovations with the makeover of our outdoor space with FERMOB. I have been a huge fan of Fermob outdoor furniture for years and I’m hugely grateful to be working with such a beautiful brand and to be in a small way, one of the #fermobpeople For those not familiar with this fabulous French brand, it is THE brand when it comes to high-quality, durable outdoor furniture. You may have spotted their beautiful and very photogenic green metal garden chairs in Les Jardins du Luxembourg in Paris. If you haven’t, make sure you go for a stroll there next time you’re in Paris. In the UK, the Fermob collection is available from Amara. If you have a house near the Bay of Arcachon, the whole collection can be ordered from Zig & Puces in Le Moulleau. 24 colours available Fermob has a fantastic range of bright, cheerful colours but as you know by now, bright colours aren’t exactly my thing. I like muted, …

How to look after your plants

Book review: House of plants by Caro Langton & Rose Ray

I came home from two weeks in Marrakech to find three of my plants: an Areca, an Aloe Vera and a Pachira (if you don’t know it, is a gorgeous looking plant) looking very green and beautiful + a copy of the House of Plants by Caro Langton and Rose Ray which is an inspiring, beautifully written and photographed book. I’ve always thought of myself as someone who was not being able to look after plants simply because until recently, I had a track record of killing plants and the only ones that survived, were the ones I collected on Pinterest in my urban jungle folder. However, last Sunday, my beautiful green friends were waving at me, saying: “YES YOU CAN, LOOK AT US!!” I can’t tell you how happy it made me feel to have such green beauties still alive in my home. One thing I really enjoyed in Marrakech was walking through the Majorelle Jardin, previously owned by Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Bergé, which is filled with the most gorgeous cacti and the Secret Garden museum in the Medina. So I decided …