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LOVE ETC How to attend the best French wedding show in Paris


I’m in Paris this week to portrait shoot two beautiful women (see Iris here) and go to LOVE/ETC, a wedding show which I find very inspiring. I’m not in the market for a wedding neither do I want to shoot weddings but from a styling and concept point of view, I think LOVE/ETC offers a huge source of inspiration and creativity. Launched by Nessa Buonomo, Editor of the amazing and well-curated wedding blog: La Marié aux Pieds Nus, LOVE/ETC gathers together wonderful Stylists, Wedding dress Designers, DJ and Independent Photographers like Chloé, Yoris who I love. So if you are planning your wedding soon, it’s the perfect place to find the most creative people from wedding dress Designers, make-up Artists, wedding Photographers, DJs, video makers, etc. Ive added a few photos below but will share more in my Instagram stories tomorrow LOVE/ETC is on 04th February, Espace Commines, 17 rue Commines, Paris 75003 //Photography by Yann Audic SOME GORGEOUS WHITE OUTFITS I LOVE

Grand Pigalle Hotel, Paris

Grand Pigalle Hotel in Paris

I usually stay with my sister when I go to Paris but last week I spent one night with my friend Catherine at the Grand Pigalle Hotel. I hadn’t spent some time in Pigalle since I moved to London 19 years ago so needless to say that the area had changed a lot. South Pigalle (now called SoPi by hipsters) is a great district that has a lot to offer. So if you’re looking to spend a few days in Paris or feel like trying a district you’ve never been before, I have created a handy Jauntful map for you with all my favourite addresses in South Pigalle (see below) including cool fashion and second-hand shops, design shops and places to drink, eat and sleep. You can also download my guide as a pdf here. If you want to see the other places I visited in Paris (I’m back there at the end of the month), you can also follow me on Instagram and check hashtag #bodieandfoutravelsparis SOUTH PIGALLE  Photography: photo 1 by Karine Köng, all the others by  © Kristen Pelou  | The night was sponsored by the Grand …

An eclectic, creative family apartment in Paris. Home of Victoire de Taillac-Touhami and Ramdane Touhami

An eclectic family apartment in Paris

A trip to Paris is always a good idea n’est-ce-pas? So let me show you this eclectic, family Parisian flat which is a gem of creativity and personality. READ ON…

A small, beautiful Parisian flat

A small, beautiful Parisian flat

I love discovering small spaces, cleverly designed and this small flat (42 m2) is a perfect example of what can be achieved in a small space. I first read about this flat in 2009 and while I have the memory of a goldfish for most mundane things when it comes to interiors, my brain seems to file things in a funny way and remembers very old stuff. So when I started working on this new interior design project, somehow I kept thinking about the bathroom fitted by Agathe Perroy in her flat. When Agathe visited the building for the first time, it was split into two small flats. One on the ground floor and the other one on the top floor of a small nineteenth-century house in a very bad state but full of charm. Being an Interior Designer, Agathe worked out how to link these two spaces to create one inviting home. She first started to knock down a few partition walls and removed the false ceiling to gain more height. Luckily, this unrevealed perfectly preserved oak beams which she kept …

LOVE (C) BODIE and FOU. All Rights Reserved


I’m deeply saddened and horrified by what happened last night in Paris and all my thoughts go to the families who lost friends, children, brothers and sisters, parents in these horrible attacks. A friend of mine wanted to attend the concert at The Bataclan but luckily, he couldn’t get a ticket. I’m also deeply saddened that we have to raise our children in a world where killing seems to be the only answer, surely there is another way!!? As John Lennon said: “it matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love” Be safe and be strong. Love to you all xoxo PS: In observance of the three days of national mourning announced by our French President, the blog will not be updated and all upcoming scheduled posts have been cancelled.  

Isabel Marant workspace

I’m into work spaces at the moment (like this one) and preferably inspiring workspaces…Having new people in our team, makes me want to change, move things around and create a great working environment for them. We all love how this mood board runs across the whole wall and since we have a beautiful, white brick wall staring at us in the office, we’ve decided that each time we come across great work spaces, we will add them to our Pinterest board here. I’m a huge fan of Isabel Marant (her style goes nicely with Clare Vivier‘s bags) and I would love to have a few these industrial clothes rails packed with Isabel Marant pieces. What do you think?

Scene in a Parisian shop

Scene in a Parisian shop

On Tuesday, I went to a very cute little shop where my sister Elodie had seen some gorgeous Liberty blouses… Stylish Italian customer: “Oh! I’ve got the same handbag than you!” Moi: “Ah’s funny! Where did you get yours?” Stylish Italian customer: “In New-York!” Moi: “I’m asking because I sell them in my shop in London…” Stylish Italian customer: “Oh…what’s the name of your shop?” Moi: “BODIE and FOU” Stylish Italian customer: “Oh but I know it!! I love BODIE and FOU and the Blog” Moi: “Oh..really?! Thanks (me blushing) Well I’m Karine…I’m one of the Founders with my sister who lives nearby” Stylish Italian customer: “Oh I’m so happy to meet you…I love your shop and your blog! I actually saw the bag on your site and then send the link to my husband when he was in NY” Moi: “How funny!!….and amazing” Stylish Italian customer: “..I’m very very happy to have met you!” Moi: “Me too! :-)” Needless to say that I left the shop with a beaming smile! I mean how unbelievable …