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My first photo exhibition (bucket list #15)

My first photo exhibition (bucket list #15)

My first photo exhibition is kicking off on Monday and as I’m sitting on my bed in a bedroom far from being finished and the rest of the house looking like a building site (see Instagram stories), wondering if our home will be ready by the 14th July when we have people staying over, I can’t help smiling. Doing a photo exhibition was on my bucket list but not before 4 or 5  years so when the city of La Ville de La Teste asked me to take part in their Summer exhibitions which feature numerous Artists from June to August, I got excited and then freaked out. In fact, during my meeting with the city’s Communication Director, which, funnily enough, was on International Women’s Day (how is that for an omen!?) my reaction was to say that I needed to think about it. What is there to think about!? you are going to tell me… Well, a few things like budget as the city takes care of the marketing and communication but production costs are …

People from the Sea + playlist

I took this photo of Florian in August. Just looking at it, I can feel the heat of the sun on my skin and so many happy memories of what was a good Summer in the end…I think I’ve mentionned this before but channelling my energy into taking pictures for People from the Sea and focusing on capturing happy emotions has been a game changer for me.

Sea, Surf & Fun

Summer ’16 The Edit | Sea, surf & fun

Week 2 (and last) of our stay in Hossegor and we all feel like we could have stayed here for a month. The weather has been absolutely amazing and everyone has really enjoyed surfing. We spend days at the beach swimming, surfing and sleeping and then days turned into late nights. If you’ve never been to Hossegor, you should know that Capbreton and Seignosse are really really close and great places to stay too. In fact this Summer, we’ve spent most of our times in Seignosse where our friends were surfing. However, I can’t believe how crowded it is. There are about 30 surf schools in Seignosse versus 2 à La Salie (in the Bay of Arcachon) and it’s not a good thing in terms of security. In the Bay, we can all walk in the water in a line and have our own wave, here it’s impossible. If you’re a Beginner surfer, you will always worry about your board hitting some kids’ head. Last year, we took a course with Clement from Surf Cactus in Cap-Breton. This year, …