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How to use Lightroom (and not be scared of it)

This year, I started using Lightroom, a software, which at first really scared me (that recurrent fear of the unknown!) but which in the end, became my friend. This article is for you if you are a keen Photographer if you are already using Lightroom or are planning to use it. These four tips will show you the benefits of using Lightroom without being scared of it… For me, the biggest advantage of using Lightroom is that it allows you to file all your pictures by keywords, rating (1* to 5*). It also allows you to create folders and collections within your massive catalogue to find a specific picture quickly. Even if you don’t remember what month or year you took it. If tag this image of Mila in Lightroom with keywords “Mila”, “tutu”, then create two mini collections with the same keywords, I will be able to see at a glance, all the pictures of Mila or tutus I’ve taken over the years. I can even narrow down my search and have all the images in one folder with the …