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How to redecorate a teen's bedroom on a budget

How to redecorate a teen’s bedroom on a budget

If you’ve missed my stories on Instagram on Friday, I was explaining that a friend of mine is giving Mila maths lessons every Friday while I’m doing conversational English with his thirteen years old. Victoire is a good student and her English level is good so we had great fun talking about her recent family holidays in Corsica, the sports she does, boyfriend, movies and we came to the subject of things she wanted to change in her bedroom. As we covered quite a lot of topics, I suggested to her that for our next lesson, I do her mood board to re-decorate her room and we spend some time on Pinterest to find inspiration. As soon as I say this, her face lit up and clearly, she was super excited by the idea :-) So here is the mood board I did for her… Victoire’s bedroom: Her room is in her modern house. Her walls are painted white except the one behind her bed which is mauve. She had a lot of knick-knack in fuschia or …

20 of the best San Francisco airbnb rentals

It’s funny how each of my travel photos on Instagram seem to be driven by a specific colour depending on where I go. Croatia last year was a mixed of dark blue and natural hues, Portugal in February was a celebration of pale blue and white, San-Francisco last week was an hymn to soft pink and soothing pastels and I can’t tell you how much I loved it!

How to create a beautiful, romantic dining area

Whether you are planning to stay in for Valentine’s Day* or are looking for Spring-inspired table settings, here are two dining areas that I find really pretty and romantic and which are fairly easy to re-create in your home. Both rooms are really nice and calming but I have to say, although I’m usually an all white interiors person, I’m really drawn to the soft pink above. It is SO pretty, don’t you think? It feels romantic but not over the top and it has a lovely, fresh, Scandi meets Parisian feel to it.

Pretty & soothing pink accents in your home. Read on

Pretty & soothing pink accents for your home

Pink was never a colour that challenged me or bothered me before I became a mum to Mila Sienna. In fact, I quite liked a soft pink. Once I became a mum and got exposed to the insane amount of bright Barbie pink paraphernalia available to “little girls”, I really started to hate this colour. I’ve never felt I was a die-hard feminist but I’ve always believed in women’s independence and self-confidence and the forced association of colours & genders (i.e. pink for girls and blue for boys), society was communicating to us on a regular basis really annoyed me. So I decorated Mila’s bedroom (and here) with a dark grey wall and let her choose her favourite black & white prints and this one from Fine Little Day.

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Pink Interior details

I find whites very soothing and they calm me down but when I feel a bit under the weather like today (I missed this gorgeous child of mine), I find pink very uplifting. Just looking at this beautiful pink patio cheered me up. We have now decided to paint our front door in London in pink again but I think one of our walls in our holiday home in France deserves a pink coat, somewhere! anywhere! Have you used pink in your home?