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Christmas styling table with Portmeirion

Grey & white Christmas styling table

Have you planned your table settings for Christmas yet? If you haven’t, maybe you are in for some inspiration. This year, my table setting is in soft grey, white, black with a touch of green and I’ve used the beautiful Spode Pure Morris tableware which can be mixed and matched. William Morris designs are timeless. His work can be admired at the William Morris gallery in East London and earlier this year, H&M released a beautiful collection bearing his prints (there are some pieces left here). My aim was to bring together William Morris’ classic designs and a modern, table setting to create an inviting and beautiful Christmas dinner table. Tableware To create a stylish table, I first used the large 11-inch plates with the Strawberry Thief design as the base, then add the pasta bowls and these cereal bowls that I will be using for serving soup. If you already have plain white plates at home, these are perfect to complement your existing tableware. I also added these beautiful Droplet red wine glasses which I love. I’m not sure the picture does any …