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Favourite boyfriends jeans. Read on

Elodie’s boyfriend jeans

I’m spending a bit of quality time with my sister Elodie and the girls which is always great so I thought I would do a post on her sense of style because I’m a big fan. I love her look here and how she wears her boyfriend jeans…laid-back but very feminine and stylish.

5 things I want right now!

5 things I want right now!

I had my heart set on this black watch by Michael Kors which I mentioned in this 5 things I want right now! post but then I saw this gorgeous new watch by Isabel Marant and …arghh….now I need to think about it. On the subject of Marant, I also would like to take this opportunity to thank Isabel for designing this lovely jumper after me…THANK YOU! hahaha

outfit of the day: fake fur & converse

Fake fur, converse & sparkle

Ok so yesterday it rained from 7am to 2pm non-stop and I pretty much hang out in my PJs during the same timeframe and gosh did it feel good to do this! So back to getting dressed…Today’s look pretty much sums up the mood…wrapped up in faux-fur ready for work with a touch of “can it still be the weekend” converse…