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Our minimalist, beachy hallway makeover

BEFORE & AFTER: Our minimalist, beachy hallway makeover

I’m excited to finally show you some of the renovations I started in our home in France before our Summer holidays. As some of you know, our holidays home became our main residence when we relocated to the beach in France after twenty-three years in London. When we bought the house about twelve years ago, it was really in a sorry state. Yet, both of us could see the potential of the house which had a good layout and came with a 2175 m2 private garden. For Steve, who grew up on a farm in New-Zealand with a lot of space, the garden was everything. To this day, the outdoor space we have is one of the things I appreciate the most (that and living close to the beach!). Since it was 12 years since we renovated the house, it was time to freshen up a few corners… THE BRIEF: Turn our entrance and hallway into a welcoming, summery space with a beachy feel, Add storage to put away things we use often, Make it easy to clean THE …

5 inspiring ways to use your natural basket. Read on

5 ways to use your natural basket at home

When I was running the shop, this natural basket was one of our best-sellers. I still have a few at home and regularly change the way I use them. Here are five practical ways to use your natural basket at home and if you haven’t got one of these yet, I’ve added a small selection at the bottom of the article. {#1 USE YOUR NATURAL BASKET AS A PLANTER} Talented Stylist and Photographer Line Kay used hers as a planter (while the other way round probably wouldn’t work) and in the process, add some textures to her room. The natural basket fits nicely with the green of her Papyrus plant and all the items she has in the room. Urban Outfitters has a nice selection of rugs here. As an alternative to the traditional planter, I’m using this paper bag in our London home. {#2 USE YOUR NATURAL BASKET TO STORE THROWS & BLANKETS}  When I first added the basket to the BODIE and FOU collection, our mostly used mine in our lounge (below) to store our throws and hide …

Du bois naturel & du blanc: une maison dans la campagne suédoise

Natural wood & white interior: A Scandinavian home in the countryside

I love a beautiful Scandinavian home and natural wood + white walls is a combo that I find increasingly soothing and attractive. Maybe it is the fact that I spend more time out of the city, surrounded by nature and truth to be told, the first thing I do now in the morning, is (still wearing my PJs) putting my gumboots on to feed our chickens. Maybe, it is the fact that we live 20 minutes from the beach, surf twice a week and get a massive salty injection from the Atlantic Ocean and all its raw, wild beauty. With its high ceilings, white walls, pale wood and natural textured accents, this home exudes all these things that one can imagine in a home by the beach, don’t you think? Located in the south of Sweden, near Malmö (a city I only know from the extremely brilliant crime series The Bridge), this home combines tranquillity, modernity and embodies a very soothing, welcoming feel. Don’t you love houses filled with natural light and big windows where you …