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our bathroom makeover with TIKAMOON

Our bathroom makeover with Tikamoon

I’m so pleased to share with you another makeover done in CASA PYLA. This bathroom makeover and this kitchen makeover were two of the biggest jobs in phase 1 of CASA PYLA. Luckily, the previous Owners had started renovating the bathroom a bit and it didn’t look as bad as the kitchen. However, it was far from being finished. Bearing in mind that it was only a 3-month project before we take everything apart and move the bathroom somewhere else, I did everything I could to create a modern, bathroom for people staying in CASA PYLA over Summer. The bathroom before Here is how the bathroom looked when we bought the house. The previous Owners had already re-tiled the walls with these dark grey tiles below (which was lucky!), but a strip of tiles was missing all around the room. The walls and ceiling were painted in an old pale green and had a few holes. Last but not least, there was no shower screen, bathroom floor, tap or shower fitted. What did I do? First, I filled …