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The winter coat I swear by

The Winter coat I swear by

I’m not one to have dozens of winter coats in my wardrobe. To tell you the truth, I get stressed out when I can’t see what is in my wardrobe and it overflows with clothing. If you are like me, read these 15 helpful tips to declutter your home. My Autumn Winter coat capsule includes at the most 5 pieces which already sounds too much… Two Winter coats (the new one & one purchased 2/3 seasons ago), a 10 years-old timeless trench coat from Comptoir des Cotonniers (really loving the style of this Arket trench), a raincoat and now a parka so I can watch Mila surfing in the winter time. SHOP MY FAVOURITE TRENCH COATS THIS SEASON For the past two years, I wore an oversized coat from Monki that I really loved. This season, I fell in love with this belted coat from H&M. Based on the cost per wear (£119.99), it has proven to be a good investment already! Belted coats really enhance your waist and give you that extra confidence in your step. I …

Le Trench coat, a wardrobe must-have1

Trench kiss

I’m not gonna lie, my efforts to dress up are pretty minimal at the moment… denim + Stan Smith + cashmere jumper combo and an oversized coat from Monki, I bought during my last trip in Paris and my usual Chanel lipstick. While it’s all good to take time off personal styling, I didn’t want to completely switch off, so last time Steve went back to London, I asked him to bring back a few of my clothes. Living between two countries is not as glamorous as it sounds, personally, I never have the thing I need in the right country but I have at least, started scanning some of our paperwork to have them with us wherever we are (if you have other tips, please do share).