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5 things you want right now: chinos

5 things you want right now!

I recently asked Steve to bring me back a couple of chinos (4) from GAP and Boden I had in my wardrobe in London. I hadn’t worn them for a while yet and kind of forgot about them until Elodie mentionned she wanted to throw her yellow ones and I talked her out of it.

Le Trench coat, a wardrobe must-have1

Trench kiss

I’m not gonna lie, my efforts to dress up are pretty minimal at the moment… denim + Stan Smith + cashmere jumper combo and an oversized coat from Monki, I bought during my last trip in Paris and my usual Chanel lipstick. While it’s all good to take time off personal styling, I didn’t want to completely switch off, so last time Steve went back to London, I asked him to bring back a few of my clothes. Living between two countries is not as glamorous as it sounds, personally, I never have the thing I need in the right country but I have at least, started scanning some of our paperwork to have them with us wherever we are (if you have other tips, please do share).

5 Things I want right now! 25/09/2015. Read on

5 things I want right now!

Today’s selection is pretty much all the basics I love and they will take you through Autumn looking like a sexy mama! 1/I featured the black version of these boots here along with this beautiful Tom Ford pink handbag but the leopard pony Alexis ankle boots is wow…Well done Boden! 2/I’m also loving this Limited Edition trench coat from the White Company, nice colour and cut! 3/This Lyla coin purse that can fit in my clutch is perfect to go with the whole look or our new weekender which is flying off the shelves 4/A basic t-shirt because can’t have too many V-neck t-shirts 5/and this pair of ripped skinny jeans from Mango SHOP THE POST:


5 things I want right now!

Good day for a fashion post…As mentioned on Instagram, I’ve lost weight and I’m down from 67kg on 30/12/2014 to 65.2kg today so very happy and most importantly, I’m feeling good. I still feel the aches from the abs workout on Wednesday but I also feel a lot stronger mentally. Following Kayla‘s plan, I’ve re-introduced grains in my nutrition plan (quinoa, rice, rye bread) and it keeps me full throughout the day. 1/ Mango has some great black trousers in the sale right now. My favourites are these high-waist biker trousers (featured above), these welt pocket leggings and these slim-fit trousers. 2/ In the 5 Things I want Right Now! last week, I mentioned  my favourite trench from Burberry but if you are on a budget, GAP has a great classic trench in camel or navy. Personally, I’m also big fan of the J. Crew classic trench which is a happy compromise between the two above. 3/ I grabbed a few of couple of these Monotype notebooks in the BODIE and FOU Sale because I’m sucker for black notebooks and …