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decorating with old painting

Decorating with old paintings

I like the idea of decorating a modern home with an old painting…I grew up in a cluttered home, which is probably why I’m going the opposite and go for clean-looking, relaxed interiors but I love the idea of adding a bit of history into a modern home and mostly let the painting breathe rather than being lost in clutter. What do you think? 

Design bloggers united dinner | Amsterdam

Last Friday I attended a dinner in Amsterdam, organised by friends who are behind Design Bloggers United and it was just perfection. From the choice of the venue at Pistache to the catering by Lady Grey catering and the styling of our table with blue tableware from French company Pillyvuyt, everything was just perfect and I had a really great time. I absolutely loved the venue! My first reaction when I was walked in was the same when I first spotted the glass panel in our new kitchen…WOW…so cool and airy, the kind of place you wish you could move into. The overall feel of the room was amazing but the organisation was just ace. They had planned everything to the perfection. We had drinks from V2C Gin, a Dutch company that makes 100% organic gin and I tried the oaked gin which was very nice. I wish now, I had brought back a bottle for Steve. I absolutely loved the soft, industrial feel of the venue and look at this fab open-plan kitchen… One of the best …

5 inspiring white workspaces

Our renovations are still going smoothly… What used to be a terrace on the 2nd floor that nobody used, has now been converted into a light, airy contemporary home office and like the loft conversion, I think it’s going to be an amazing room filled with natural light. The room is being plastered today except this small brick wall which I managed to save and we are putting floorboards to be painted in white. Considering the scale of the project, I’m still amazed by how everything is running smoothly… Major credits to the kiwi who, not only does an amazing job, project managing the whole thing (check hashtag bodieandfourenovations on Instagram) but also to the amazing builders we have on site. I will happily share their details at the end of the project. I feel very lucky and grateful. It’s our third renovation work and we worked with “cowboys” in the past which made the whole thing a lot more stressful! So yes the house is a major building site, out of 3 floors, only one room is habitable but …

10 things you need to create an inspiring workspace

Creating inspiring workspaces is one of my favourite things… I simply can’t function properly in a working space that doesn’t inspire me, it’s just simple as that! We are very lucky now that our offices are actually based in a beautiful, industrial space where I could easily move in and turn it into a loft (if that was ever an option) but it wasn’t always the case. The first years of running the business, we had some pretty shitty workspaces with no heat etc. and the only way I found myself coping with my surrounding environments was to create a little, inspiring corner to focus on. So here are a few of my tips which you could put into practice this weekend or next week. 1/ Find yourself a wall And use it as your blank canvas to create a moodboard, a backdrop that will inspire you. Facing a wall may be seen as not very social (but who cares!?), it’s about creating your own little corner of inspiration so when you turn around to …

A beautiful white home in London

After showing you Paul Massey‘s soothing, modern country house in Primrose Hill, I contacted him to get hold of photos of the other house he had renovated. The second one located in Crouch End has always been one of my inspirations, mostly because the layout of our London home is very similar (and I suspect similar to yours if you live in the UK) and I absolutely love what he has done with the two front rooms, which are very often small and dark when a house has not been renovated or modernised. We looked into doing this a few years ago and I think the costs to knock down the walls, add a beam across the room and a pillar to support the walls was something around £20K. Quite expensive but then you can really see the end result in his house and how this has completely opened up the space.

BODIE and FOU House Tour: A stunning white & concrete loft, industrial lighting. Read more on

A stunning white & concrete loft in Eindhoven

In the recent years, European lofts have been given New-York lofts quite a run for their money. The last family loft featured here was hugely inspiring, packed with beautiful details and an amazing chandelier from Anthropologie. Today, I’m taking you to Eindhoven to visit Jason’s beautiful loft. An amazing 87 sqm loft space with 4.60 m high walls which proved to be a bit challenging to paint.

My best DIY tip & a massive crush for this kitchen

What’s your kitchen like? You may have seen mine in Elle Decoration…We haven’t done anything to it since we moved in, three years ago except when I painted the units in blackboard paint because I couldn’t take any longer how eyesore the old units looked (see more photos of the units revamped with black paint in Scotland on Sunday)In fact, painting the units with blackboard paint was probably the cheapest and best DIY project I’ve ever done. £25 paint + a lot of elbow grease for a “new” kitchen was not bad at all I think.However, who doesn’t crave for a brand new kitchen!? I know I do.Steve and I are currently considering opening the kitchen onto the garden and adding an island with bar stools. I like the idea of having bar stools. They add a convivial, relax atmosphere to a kitchen..Kids love them.. and they bring people together as often everyone rallies around the island to talk and drink wine while the host is preparing the meal.I think it’s important to feel inspired in your kitchens. They are often …

Bedroom with concrete floor

Bedroom with concrete floor

I’m loving this bedroom with a concrete floor. Be it in a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen (here too), concrete flooring is one of my favourite floorings. Each time I come across this bedroom picture on Pinterest, which was taken in the apartment of Designer Barbara Hill, I can’t help thinking how peaceful it feels and I imagine myself living in it. Maybe in a place like New-York overlooking the Hudson River… How about you? Where do you see yourself living in this bedroom? The bed is the Ligne Roset’s Peter Maly bed. Talking of which, if you’re looking for a vintage Togo sofa by Ligne Roset similar to the one featured in this fab, feel-good family home in Biarritz, check out Pamono in the UK. They have plenty of Togo sofas and armchairs in their collection. Photography by Dean Kaufman