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Oversized art prints for your home

Oversized art prints for your home

Have you ever considered oversized art prints for your home? It is something that I have been thinking about quite often these past few months especially since I started planning the interior design for CASA PYLA. For this up-and-coming renovation project two minutes from the beach, I envision a luxury residence. Think bare, textured walls, high ceilings, muted tones, and oversized art. Something in the lines of the interiors I recently posted on the blog like this Belgian flat designed by Vincent Van Duysen (thumb up for the muted tones!) or this home where the Tine K Home collection was photographed. The house we are buying is an old one. It is located in Pyla, a sought-after area that incidentally has a fair amount of restrictive urbanism rules to follow. This means that it may not look as modern as I would hope to be. However, I’m hoping to replicate the feeling of bliss, calm and luxury these interiors mentioned above exude. “For me, real Luxury is not expensive designer bags and clothes. It’s free time (and enough money) to …

How to hang picture frames without drilling into your wall

How to hang picture frames without drilling into your wall

Hanging pictures without drilling into your walls sounds like a dream, doesn’t it!? Discovering that Command Brand had products that enabled me to hang picture frames without damaging our home in London after the renovations, was a major thing,  For months, I couldn’t bring myself to make a hole in our newly painted white walls… In our bedroom, I just used black masking tape to fix a few photos on the wall and left the picture frame on the floor. A look that didn’t bother me since I felt our home looked “kind of creative” that way and it suited my style anyway. In our lounge, things were a bit different. We had a lot more picture frames on the floor and our lounge started to look like an art gallery a few days before the opening of an exhibition. To be honest, It’s a look I love and I’m happy to live with it, but Steve wasn’t over the moon… In the loft conversion, I couldn’t commit to drilling a hole in our painted walls either. Picture frame on a …

Fresh look in our dining room BEFORE & AFTER

Our dining room renovations Part 1

And just like that…Summer was gone. We moved back into our home after a whole Summer away and I’m now looking at the house with fresh eyes to see how to finish our dining renovations and what projects we can (budget permitting) tackle. For now, let me show you what we did recently in the lounge and dining area rather than focusing on what need to be done

How to style your home with picture frames

A 20 sqm2 flat with a beautiful gallery wall

Today’s house tours is a 20 sqm2 small space in Sweden with a beautiful gallery wall and a great example of how to decorate your home with art. The fact that it is, indeed a small space, makes it even more interesting. Each room is beautifully styled and there isn’t a single corner I don’t love. Proof that size really doesn’t matter and that you can create a real gem out of a small flat. Josefin Haag, the owner of this flat, used a palette of three colours throughout her flat: black, white and wood. 3 hues that you can find throughout the flat in the choice she carefully made for her picture frames, furniture and decorative objects and which gives her gallery wall and home, a nice, warm, arty feel. I find this home visually inspiring, don’t you think? So what do you think? Is there any details or corner in this flat that inspires you? If you are after ideas on how to do a gallery wall, check this article on How to hang a gallery wall the perfect way, or this inspiring …

The Paola Navone wallpaper collection

The Paola Navone wallpaper collection

Paola Navone and NLXL have teamed together to launch a new wallpaper collection: “Addiction” and I haven’t been excited by the launch of a wallpaper since Piet Hein Eek launched his Scrapwood wallpaper which I used in our guest bedroom in our holiday home in France. Recently inducted into the Interior Designers Hall of Fame, Italian Architect and designer both of products and interiors Paola Navone is known for designing beautiful things like the Ghost sofa she designed for Gervasoni, which I have the chance to have in our home in London. If the Ghost sofa is out of your budget, read this post and this one to achieve a similar result with Bemz Design. Shades of blue is a constant in Paola Navone’s work so it was inevitable that her new collection of wallpapers and murals “Addiction”, would also be an ode to this hue and I absolutely love how refreshing, vibrant, uplifting the collection is. Yes, it is out there, it is loud but it is such an explosion of patterns and hues of blues that it will transport you back to the Summer you spent on the Mediterranean coast.Which one from …

5 inspiring ways to display your art collection in your home

Wall decoration: 5 ways to display art on your walls

Are you wondering how to display all the beautiful illustrations you’ve bought? Here are 5 inspiring ways to decorate yours walls & add a wow factor to your home in the process… Having mostly white walls and grey walls in our home, I’m forever looking for inspiration to decorate our walls and this monochrome wall display in Trendenser‘s office remains my all-time favourite! The first image above stopped me in my tracks because I have a nice collection of monochrome prints and now that we have black floorboards in our loft conversion, I can see how visually striking such a display would look in the room.

Farrow & Ball wallpapers collection '14

Farrow & Ball wallpapers collection ’14

A few weeks ago, I attended the launch of the new Farrow & Ball wallpapers collection (out now) and what a visual treat this was… The 2014 Farrow & Ball collection is inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Each wallpaper is made by an artisan using Farrow & Ball paints traditionally printed onto painted ground papers. This process creates a uniquely textured appearance that enhances the natural forms in the designs…it’s beautiful. Aranami meaning raging waves is taken from a painstakingly crafted papercut design, which Farrow & Ball then upscaled to create a detailed, flowing pattern. Yukutori (my favorite!), which means birds flying away in a group, is a simple design taken from a mid-twentieth century  Japanese pen and ink drawing. The soft outlines of birds float across the paper creating a delicately patterned effect that could be as easily interpreted as the crests of waves or mountain tops.Amime means the space between netting, is also taken from a pen and ink drawing. It is a beautifully textured woven design that conjures picturesque scenes of Japanese fishermen repairing their …

Cosy, rustic bedroom | Get the Look

Today, I’m on a styling job for a Interiors magazine from New-Zealand with Francois behind the camera. I’m pretty sure I’ll take a few photos myself on Instagram but in the meantime I just wanted to share with you these shots I styled a few weeks ago in my house in France with the New-York wall light