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Fresh look in our dining room BEFORE & AFTER

Our dining room renovations Part 1

And just like that…Summer was gone. We moved back into our home after a whole Summer away and I’m now looking at the house with fresh eyes to see how to finish our dining renovations and what projects we can (budget permitting) tackle. For now, let me show you what we did recently in the lounge and dining area rather than focusing on what need to be done

How to style your home with picture frames

A 20 sqm2 flat with a beautiful gallery wall

Today’s house tours is a small 20 sqm2 flat in Sweden with a beautiful gallery wall and a great example of how to decorate your home with art. The fact that it is, indeed a small space, makes it even more interesting. Each room is beautifully styled and there isn’t a single corner I don’t love. Proof that size really doesn’t matter and that you can create a real gem out of a small flat. Josefin Haag, the owner of this flat, used a palette of three colours throughout her flat: black, white and wood. 3 hues that you can find throughout the flat in the choice she carefully made for her picture frames, furniture and decorative objects and which gives her gallery wall and home, a nice, warm, arty feel. I find this home visually inspiring, don’t you think? So what do you think? Is there any details or corner in this flat that inspires you? If you are after ideas on how to do a gallery wall, check this article on How to hang a gallery wall the perfect way, or this inspiring …

"Addiction", the Paola Navone wallpaper collection, available from Read on >>

The Paola Navone wallpaper collection

Paola Navone and NLXL have teamed together to launch a new wallpaper collection: “Addiction” and I haven’t been excited by the launch of a wallpaper since Piet Hein Eek launched his Scrapwood wallpaper which I used in our bedroom in our holiday home in France.

5 inspiring ways to display your art collection in your home

Wall decoration: 5 ways to display art on your walls

Are you wondering how to display all the beautiful illustrations you’ve bought? Here are 5 inspiring ways to decorate yours walls & add a wow factor to your home in the process… Having mostly white walls and grey walls in our home, I’m forever looking for inspiration to decorate our walls and this monochrome wall display in Trendenser‘s office remains my all-time favourite! The first image above stopped me in my tracks because I have a nice collection of monochrome prints and now that we have black floorboards in our loft conversion, I can see how visually striking such a display would look in the room.


A few weeks ago, I attended the launch of the new Farrow & Ball wallpapers collection (out now) and what a visual treat this was… This new Farrow & Ball collection is inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Each wallpaper is made by artisan using Farrow & Ball paints traditionally printed onto painted ground papers. This process creates a uniquely textured appearance that enhances the natural forms in the designs…it’s beautiful. This new collection includes four designs. Read on…

Sneak-peek of our new collection

While our team is busy with our Summer Sale, I’ve started working on our new collection and I love it so I hope you’ll love it too! This beautiful, fresh and uplifting blue wallpaper is part of the new collection of wallpapers by Studio Ditte we are now stocking.My other favourite one is the Birdhouse wallpaper which I think is perfect for a girl’s bedroom. If I was to use it in a bedroom, I would just create a feature wall and keep the other walls white or light to keep a sense of space and paint the floorboards in white or soft grey. I think it would look amazing!You can achieve a similar fresh look for a boy’s bedroom with this Cars wallpaper.So tell me…Do you like or you don’t?Pendant que l’équipe est “busy” avec les soldes, j’ai commencé à travailler sur notre nouvelle collection et je l’adore donc j’espère qu’elle vous plaira!Ce papier-peint joli et frais avec ses tons de bleus fait partie de la nouvelle collection de papier-peints de Studio Ditte que nous stockons maintenant.Un autre de mes préférés est le papier-peint Birdhouse qui est …

Cosy, rustic bedroom | Get the Look

Today, I’m on a styling job for a Interiors magazine from New-Zealand with Francois behind the camera. I’m pretty sure I’ll take a few photos myself on Instagram but in the meantime I just wanted to share with you these shots I styled a few weeks ago in my house in France with the New-York wall light

MERCI | Brookly Tins wallpapers

Following the huge success of the Scrapwood wallpaper collection by Piet Hein Eek, NLXL have teamed up with Parisian concept store MERCI (my favourite concept store in Paris) to design the striking and very unique Brooklyn Tins wallpaper collection  Easier to apply than most wallpapers – and I can vouch for that having used the Scrapwood wallpaper in my home in France – the Brooklyn Tins wallpaper collection by MERCI is the perfect solution to create a striking feature wall at home, or re-invent a commercial space while adding a chic industrial feel to any space.