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How to do the 20 days lemon detox

How to do the 20 days lemon detox

Today is the change of season (hello Autumn!) so a few friends, my sister and I, are kicking off a 20-days lemon detox. As I got a few questions on Instagram last night, I thought I would quickly explain it if you want to jump on the wagon and do it too. Lemon detox at the change of season is recommended by Naturopaths and in Chinese medicine. The benefits: Doing a lemon detox is a great way to stimulate your immune system, cleanse your liver, heal your guts from candida albicans (yeast), clear your skin, get more energy, stronger hair, nails, etc… Basically, there is heaps of advantages in doing a lemon detox at the change of season. While a lemon detox is not a detox to lose weight, you may lose a bit, providing you’re eating clean. “One of my sister’s colleagues did it last year when Elodie mentioned it to her and she lost 4 kg in the process.” I have never done a 20-days lemon detox before but I have been drinking a …

How to deal with criticism & improve your positive thinking

How to deal with criticism & improve positive thinking

Do you get hurt when you receive an unsolicited comment or criticism from someone close to you and would you like to know how to deal with criticism? Generally speaking, criticism sucks. It’s never nice to be at the receiving end of bad comments and even more when you didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion. A “friend”, once, told me that the item I wore (and loved!) didn’t suit me at all when I was telling her how much I loved that piece of clothing. I wasn’t hurt by her comment. I was in a good place in my life and when I narrated the conversation to my husband, it made me laugh thinking how rude, my friend’s comment was, given I hadn’t asked for her opinion. Some people need to work on their delivery and diplomatic skills I think. However, should I have been in a difficult place in my life at the time, her comment would have hurt me like hell I think. Since it was a recent friendship, I naturally distance myself a bit. …

Food diary low in sugar & gluten week 3

Food plan diary low in sugar* & gluten | week 3

Last week was my second week in Marrakech and while I really enjoyed the food there, there is no doubt that sticking to healthy eating habits in a foreign country is always a bit more challenging (at least it is for me!). For those who asked me if I had any gluten-free places to recommend in Marrakech, I’m afraid I don’t but to be honest, moroccan food is very vegetables based so if you stay away from those delicious pancakes, bread and pastry, you can have some deliciously tasty tajines and salads. I’m not big on pastry so I stayed away from those and Morocco being a muslim country, drinking wine was a very rare occasion. However, sugar was a bit of an issue… At first, I really enjoyed drinking mint tea in the souk with the various vendors I was chatting to, then I realised that they were adding quite a lot of sugars in it. By the second week, my body was really struggling to process all this sugar and I finish the week …

how to look after your skin while travelling

how to look after your skin while travelling

A few months ago, my skin got really really dry and unfortunately, dry skin makes me look old. Granted I’m no longer a Spring chicken but I’m not ready to retire yet so I vowed to look after myself and to take care of my skin to reverse the signs of ageing . If you’re interested in the subject, I recommend your read “Reverse the signs of ageing”: The revolutionary inside-out plan to glowing, youthful skin by Dr Nigma Talib

Food diary low in sugar & gluten week 2

Food plan diary low in sugar* & gluten | Week 2

WEEK 2 Last week, I forgot to mention that the reason why I had basmati rice most days is because I make a big batch on Monday for the whole week. This saves me a lot of time. Same with eggs… if I boil 2 poached eggs (3 min), I will add 2 extra eggs to hard boil (10 min) to have later on as snack. I had a massive headache on Monday afternoon from 3pm until 7pm when I eventually took a pain killer. I looked again at what I ate that day and it was just unprocessed, whole foods, fruits & vegetable and proteins. I also drank my daily 1.5Lt water so the headache could not have come from dehydration. However, it’s interesting to know that signs and symptoms of food intolerance can occur up to 72 hours after a trigger food. Here are a few signs and symptoms of food intolerance I found in the book I’m currently reading “Reverse the signs of ageing”: The revolutionary inside-out plan to glowing, youthful skin by Dr Nigma Talib …

Food diary low in sugar & gluten week 1

Food plan diary low in sugar* & gluten | Week 1

I have decided to reduce my consumption of refined sugars* (biscuits, brown/white sugar, cakes, sweets) and gluten and will share my food plan for a month. However, I’m not cutting sugars or carbs out of my diet. I will get sugar from natural sources like fruits and I will replace pasta and bread by rice, quinoa and occasionally gluten-free pasta. I’m not eating sugar-free, low-calorie food either which are packed with chemicals and salt. Why? As you may know, I have made several lifestyle changes over the years. I stopped eating ready meals packed with hidden sugars years ago, given up drinking my daily coke zero in 2013 and replaced processed food by whole foods (80% being organic). All these changes had a positive impact on my skin and well-being. Refined sugar are known to cause inflammation in our body which in turn leads to depression. Reducing my refined sugar intake means that I haven’t suffered from seasonal affective disorder for the past three years and I have moved on from the depression that hit me in 2013. …

How to deal with the change of season

How to deal with the change of season

I had a really good time in Paris. Meeting Peter Lindbergh on Thursday was a major highlight of my stay and then I caught up with friends which is always really nice. However, this weekend, I completely collapsed.

8 helpful fitness motivation tips to work out

Finding motivation to work out is half the battle so if you’re struggling, here are 8 tried & tested fitness motivation tips which will get you back on track! These fitness motivation tips are the ones I find most useful and they usually help me to go back on track once I’ve fallen off the wagon and we all do! Fitness motivation tip 1: As I exercise first thing in the morning (I really can’t be bothered in the evening!), I usually find that checking my favourite fitness accounts on Instagram when I go to bed, motives me to work out in the morning the day after. My current favourite accounts are @kaylaitsines @barrebody (stunning) @selfmagazine @clean_eating_alice (for clean eating inspo) @amberdodzweit (for badass girls) and @biancamaycheah who I found uplifting and beautiful. Fitness motivation tip 2: The other thing I do is treating myself with new gear and when the sale is on, it is the perfect time to grab a few goodies for less money. Always style-conscious, I love wearing all black when I work out. It kind of limit the damages …