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My daily green smoothie. Recipe on

My daily green smoothie

Last year, I asked for a Nutribullet as a Mother’s Day gift. Since then, I’ve been making this healthy and delicious green smoothie which is very easy to make, very refreshing and packed with vitamins. One glass of this delicious green smoothie will give you the recommended daily fibre intake (25g of fibres/day for women) to favour a good transit. Update: I used to drink a large glass of this green smoothie for breakfast and take the left-over to work and often had the other half of the avocado for lunch in a salad. However, despite eating healthily, I was still bloating which I found hugely frustrating considering how many dietary changes I have made since 2013. That was until I had a consultation with a Nutritionist specialised in FODMAPs who explained to me that avocado was not FODMAPs friendly and should be restricted to 1/4 per day. There was also a few other “healthy” things I was regularly eating which are still healthy but just challenging for sensitive guts. Since then, I have reduced the …