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A white industrial kitchen with Smeg appliances

A white industrial kitchen with Smeg appliances

I’ve always loved white kitchens. If I was a Property Developper or an Architect (my preferred choice) and I had plenty of houses to renovate, I would have fun trying different things. Maybe I will start by fitting a plywood kitchen or a gorgeous grey kitchen or even attempting to fit one with pale green units like this one in a beautiful Swedish flat. However, when it comes to living with it day in day out, a white kitchen will always be my first choice. How about you!? The high ceiling of this kitchen reminds me of this white, airy kitchen designed by Arrhov Frick, the duo of Architects who converted a former meat factory into a block of 22 apartments. The one below is from Rye London, a daylight kitchen photography studio in East London. You can also rent the space for events and workshops. I always think it’s tricky to find good, natural-lit, airy venues for an event so it’s definitively one cool address to bookmark. But let’s talk appliances for a change… This SMEG dual fuel …

4 beautiful white kitchens with a concrete floor

4 beautiful white kitchens with concrete floor

What is your favourite room in a home and your favourite style? For me, it’s the kitchen without a doubt and preferably white kitchens with a concrete floor. I spend very little time in our bedroom besides sleeping at night and being more a shower person, I’m in and out of the bathroom in no time. However, the kitchen is where I like to hang out not that I’m doing any intensive cooking but it’s where I like pottering around. Having an open-plan dining/kitchen in our home in France which, is often filled with natural light, means that these days, I prefer working from our dining table, facing our white kitchen. Following my last post on plywood kitchens, today I wanted to show you a few examples of white, contemporary kitchens with a concrete floor which I find really beautiful and soothing. All of them have interesting details we can bookmark for future references and are spaces I would be quite happy to work from… The first one (above and below) is the home of Jeweller Victoria Wearne and her partner …

White kitchen makeover

Our white kitchen makeover

After 10 months of renovations, our home in London is finally ready and today I’m really pleased to share with you photos of our white kitchen makeover. You can see photos of the kitchen before the renovations when it got featured in Bolig magazine,  VT Wonen and ELLE DECORATION. The kitchen counter is made of Corian. The kitchen units are by Ludlow of Holloway and they also fitted the long breakfast bar. All the appliances are from Miele.

White, airy kitchen designed by Arrhov Frick.

A relaxing, white, airy kitchen

The minimalist design, the white walls, the massive sky window to fill the room with natural light, the soothing combo of white and natural wood makes this kitchen one of my absolute favourites. From a design point of view, kitchens are my favourite room in a home and I’m absolutely loving everything about this white, airy kitchen. What do you think? This kitchen is from a block of 22 apartments built in a former meat factory by Swedish Architecture practice Arrhov Frick. Sadly I couldn’t find more pictures of the kitchen or the whole flat to share with you so we will have to make do with this sole photo and imagine how the rest of the flat could look like. The design of this kitchen is very simple but yet so efficient and works wonder in a small flat as we all as a warehouse type conversion. Subtle black touches are added throughout the room like this classic Vitra Eames house bird (available from John Lewis) sitting on top of the kitchen units. The square table and the chairs …

5 very sleek, gorgeous and inspiring white kitchens

After almost a year of talking about plans, getting structural surveys done, seeking authorisations from the council, this is it! We are finally starting the renovations in our home…I’m really really excited by our future, new kitchen. When we moved in 4 years ago, I quickly painted the old kitchen with blackboard paint to give it a new lease of life but I’m over the moon the time has finally come to have the white, sleek kitchen of my dreams.Here are five, gorgeous white kitchens that inspired my Masterplan kitchen… Our old Kitchen featured here in Homestyle NZ magazine is up for a major revamp. The L shape is going to be replaced by the layout above: a long island facing a wall of units with heaps of storage, both visually leading to the garden.The 80’s window is going to be replaced by a large, architectural glass window floor to ceiling. Our tap is going to be replaced by one that has a boiling option (watch out for our kettle and old tap on Ebay :-) When it comes …