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Bedroom with a view

Bedroom with a view

I had a real coup de coeur for this bedroom with a view, filled with natural light. The separation wall was knocked down and replaced by these large windows. The result has increased the sense of space and make everything flow nicely. This is the home of Danish Artist Gitte Svendsen. On one side, there is the kitchen and artist’s studio and on the other side, the bedroom and a dining table by the window. I’m planning to do something similar in Elodie’s new flat in Paris, between Lily‘s bedroom and the lounge to open up space and bring more natural light into her flat. I think this is a beautiful example of what can be achieved, don’t you think? I also love the mix of throws, rugs and wooden vintage furniture that add warmth and textures to the room. I would be quite happy to hang out there for the day, wouldn’t you? You can see more pictures here

New-York print

My perfectly imperfect wall

This area used to be a terrace on the second floor of our home in London. As nobody really used it and we had a back garden, Steve re-designed the space into a home office fitted with a large window overlooking the garden (see picture). We hide the outside 80’s looking wall with cedar cladding (you can see the whole house here), a large window facing trees and fitted two auto-cleaning sky windows, slightly angled to catch the sun at different times of the day (see below). The floorboard is pine wood painted white. If you are interested, you can view the whole renovations album on Facebook here and on Instagram under hashtag #bodieandfourenovations.I was keen to keep the wall (photo 1) as raw as possible to contrast against the clean lines of the room and pristine white walls. However, my super perfectionist Painter tried to cover as much as he could to make it as white as possible and by the time I got home from work, the only ‘raw’ industrial area I could salvage, was the bottom part. It would have …