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How to warm up an all-white interior

Adding natural touches in your home

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen (or not… thanks to Instagram’s new algorithm…) that a Photographer came to shoot our home in London last week. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the final look I put together or any beautiful images he shot as they have to be kept under wrap until the feature is out but I wanted to show you these beautiful and inexpensive natural wooden stools and a few other natural touches I added around our lounge. I brought similar versions but much smaller stools for our home in France after my first trip to Marrakech.  In fact, I was almost in tears when I came across these stools and these gorgeous baskets in the Souk the first time I visited Marrakech. I think if I had still the e-shop, I would have come back to the UK with a container full of beautiful things but as it happens,  I sold it in 2016 to focus on more creative projects like this blog and my portrait photography. The ones I brought back from Marrakech were …


A white wooden bench

As a white interiors lover, I had this image saved in my Pinterest forever Recently, I realised that this wooden bench was probably coming from Morocco where I have been for the past 10 days and was perfect for my DETAILS series. Last Summer, I bought a similar stool from the market near our home in France. Since then, I have been pondering whether I should leave it raw or paint it white like above. What do you think? The jury is still out but I do love the contrast of white wood against the concrete floor while I think raw wood would look better and more beachy on our deck. If you are wondering if you should go to Marrakech, my answer is yes. Marrakech has been an incredible source of inspiration from an interior design point of view. Each time, I came across an Artisan in the souk making something out of copper, iron, leather or even rubber, I was in awe. In fact, it has been such a positive experience that I’ve already booked our return …