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The AA Butterfly chair (aka BKF chair)

One of my favourite piece of design, is the iconic and legendary AA Butterfly chair (aka the BFK chair).
It is beautifully designed, simple, minimal but also very comfortable.
Sadly there is a lot of copies available and at the end of the day, it is a matter of personal choice and budget. I’m not passing judgment :-) but personally, when it comes to design, I’d rather wait until I can afford the real deal or source a vintage one.
This one is a re-edition in full respect of the spirit and quality of the original 1938 model. The AA Butterfly chair was originally designed in 1938 by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, Antonio Bonet and Juan  Kurchan. Three young Designers who worked with the pioneer of modern architecture: Le Corbusier, in the thirties.
After they went back to Buenos Aires, they formed the “Grupo Austral” and in 1938, created the now famous 197 model that became broadly known as the Butterfly or BFK chair and has been part of the permanent collection at the MoMa Museum in New-York since 1944.

// 1. Unknown | 2. Photography: François Köng, Styling: Karine Köng | 3. Ay Illuminate | 4. Home of French fashion designer Vanessa Bruno

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  1. I love butterfly chairs. It’s amazing to me how comfortable they are. I love the ones I can fold up and set in a corner. These are beautiful chairs!

  2. Hey! One of the most amazing collections I have ever seen. My family loves the butterfly chair. Overall, a very creative post!

  3. My grandma always had a butterfly chair in the garden and I loved it as a little ‘un. She was often found just relaxing and drinking a cuppa tea with a cat on her knee in the chair admiring her handwork in the garden. I would love one now and hope hers is still tucked away somewhere in the family storage…

  4. Stanislaus Kapinski says

    Simple gorgeous, your photographs, congratulations, well done !
    I am not sure whether I shall purchase the Butterfly Chair with white canvas (like your post) or with leather .
    I especially love the supersoft sheep skin in combination with the rather straight forward steel structure…
    Maybe I will buy the leather cover for the winter and the canvas for the summer, all on the same structure.

  5. Archetypen says

    I Like the collection of Butterfly Chair. Please Give the Contact Details.

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