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The Acapulco chair….Love at first sight

I’m loving this Acapulco chair spotted in Grand Designs magazine…It just feels like the perfect garden accessories staple you want right here, right now!
Designed in 1950s, the iconic Acapulco chair is still as stylish and contemporary as when it was first designed and will look superb at home to bring Summer indoor or on the deck outside, especially since The Acapulco Chair Company has now re-edited the chair in gorgeous, to die-for colours like orange, turquoise
The chair costs £345 + shipping and £375 for the rocking chair version
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  1. Anonymous says

    la turquoise me fait de l’oeil,et la blanche aussi;quoique pourquoi pas la orange…bref elles sont toutes sympa difficile de faire un choix…

  2. Simone says

    Wauw, they are amazing – can you only buy them online or do they have a store? Cause you don’t really get much information from their website and you cant call them? Where did you see the prizes?

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