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The art of letting go…

I wish I had more time to post longer posts these days but we are incredibly busy getting ready for the BODIE and FU pop-up store at the Vipp flagship store in Copenhagen and finalising our debut print collection. So rather than getting completely stressed out, I’ve decided to “let go” and do short blog posts until time is on my side again.

One thing I really enjoyed reading last weekend and which I think you will enjoy too, was “How Mastering the Art of Letting Go will Change your life” by Leo Babauta. Babauta says that we keep things (clutter) in our home for various reasons.

They make us feel secure and safe, they give us comfort, memories and hopes for the future and I can see that. Most of the things in my home are there for a reason and I suspect in yours too…and often there is an emotion/souvenir attached to it.

I wrote here how I was starting to let go of the idea of becoming a mother again but this weekend I found myself, storing a pregnancy book aside while putting all my decoration magazines & novels in bags for the charity shop…and I can see now how much emotion and hope are attached to this book so it is off to the charity shop too.

At the end of the day, it is just clutter. I don’t need a book that I’m not going to open for a while and if I ever become pregnant again, I will probably download the bloody book or buy it.
So if you’re in the same frame of mind than me at the moment, have a look around and think about all the emotions attached to the things you keep.

It’s quite  an interesting  exercise…
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  1. Very true and yet challenging to achieve.
    Maybe just box it instead of letting go for good.

  2. Thanks for the link, I have bookmarked to have a read this weekend. Sounds like something I am definitely in need of doing- in fact, I think we all are really. Good luck with your pop up shop!

  3. very challenging indeed @TCH :-)

    I go through days being fine and then suddenly it hit me and I need to slow down but overall it feels good taking baby steps towards something new.
    Clearing closets (physical and emotional ones) is challenging and I think it will take me at least the rest of 2014 to achieve where I want to be in 2015

  4. i often think of William Morris’s mantra – if something is in your home it should be either beautiful or useful. if it is neither then you need to question why you are holding onto it.
    I use that formula all the time when deciding what to keep and what not to keep.


  5. Super demarche! Je suis a fond dans ta lutte! Voyager leger dans la vie, mais avec un grand coeur bien charge…

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