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The Best places to see in London’s Columbia Road Flower market

Last month, I mentioned a photo shoot in Columbia Road Flower market for a feature in Time Out magazine, on creative people shopping at London’s best street markets.

The article came out yesterday. I picked up a copy on my way to a business meeting and ended up smiling like an idiot in the train stopping myself from saying to complete strangers in the tube “Look! c’est moi là.

For botanists Columbia Road Flower Market
Our market insider: Karine Candice Kong, Design Expert 

When should you visit Columbia Road Flower Market?
The Market starts at 8 am every Sunday and it’s best to get there as early as possible. It gets very busy if the weather is quite nice. It winds down about 3 pm.

What do you head for?
One of my favourite shops is Vintage Heaven at no 82 – it’s the perfect place to snap up vintage treasures.
The Yard on Ezra street is a mini flea market that has some great things and is always worth a look.
Rob Ryan makes intricate and delicate paper-cut and we have some of his work in our BODIE and FOU online store. His shop is called Ryantown.
Campania at no 95 is an Italian little greasy spoon cafe, full of charm and inspiration.
Ben Southgate at no 4 The Courtyard on Ezra street is a great shop for industrial furniture and old school maps.

What should you avoid?
Don’t buy plants and flowers from the first stall you see. Walk around, check out a few stalls to compare prices and quality.
If you buy bulk quantities don’t hesitate to bargain. Columbia Road is a great place to go if you are doing a garden up.

Top tips…
Don’t forget to take your camera and don’t rush.
Columbia Road is a unique place with a very special atmosphere. There are a lot of interesting characters and it’s a very creative place to hang out.


  1. Di Overton says

    Of course you are a design expert, how would Bode and Fou be as good as it is if you were not?

  2. may i also recommend the coffee & walnut cake at vintage heaven. it’s amazing, although since the recession the slices have got smaller. booooo!

  3. Paul & Paula says

    we went a lot to columbia road when still living in london, it always filled our sundays…
    we went to spitalfields as well and had lots of nice food in between!
    sigh…. one more thing I miss about LOndOn…

  4. Sobinique says

    You look great! I loved Columbia road when I visited Londen! Taking you camera is the best tip, I took so many pictures! Have a great weekend!

  5. Unique Boutiques says

    Love this post, love this photo, love Columbia Road – how I miss it!

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