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The BODIE and FOU Autumn catalogue has landed

Wow…it has been very busy today!
I was planning to show you Mila’s bedroom update but I will do it over the weekend.
Between our VIP Enews that went out yesterday and our BODIE and FOU Autumn cataloguethat landed on our customers’ doorsteps today, it has been totally mad!
We have packed so many order for our beautiful linen collection to send all over the place, it’s insane! but it makes me really really happy because its success means that we will be able to have more colours in our Spring/Summer collection.
I already have the styling in mind and I can’t wait to start working on a few kids rooms (watch out for the Spring/Summer 2013 catalogue!)
Last but but not least (bear with me…this is my “Award-winning” kind of thank you speech…), I would also like to thank from the bottom of my heart, our hard-working, passionate and dedicated little team especially Sophie who masters catalogue production & deadlines like no-one, Francois for his amazing photos and Doryan who recently joined us and has been very busy with the new collection and all of you who constantly support BODIE and FOU by sharing things we do on Pinterest, Facebook, your blogs etc and all our customers!
Yeah it may sound cheesy but I dont care…I have been doing this for 7 years now and I know one thing, without customers, you can have the coolest concept store on the planet, if nobody buys from it, you may as well go back to bed and do something else.
While I was travelling a few years ago, I read something in the plane that said “We know you have the choice to shop anywhere, so we would like to thank you…”). That little sentence always sticked with me. It is true….nowadays we all have the choice to shop anywhere we want so I’m hugely grateful that you choose to shop with us.
I wish you a wonderful weekend! bises

PS: If you haven’t received a copy of our catalogue, you can request a copy here and you can view the digital version on ISSUU)

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