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The Bulb lamp by Mark Eden Schooley | LIGHTING

Born in the US and living in Paris, Mark Eden Schooley is a talented Photographer, Designer, and a Globetrotter…

BODIE and FOU Style blog The Bulb lamp by Mark Eden Schooley #lighting #handmade #newarrivals #bodieandfou #blacklighting #markeedenschooley #ayilluminate

He started his career in Paris with one of my favourite designers Nelson Sepuvelda for Bloom magazine, the magazine launched by trends forecaster Li Edelkoort and now regularly shoots for the likes of Elle Decoration, Bloom, Elle Decor.

In the recent years, both Mark Eden Schooley and Nelson Sepuvelda collaborated with Dutch company Ay Illuminate, to design an amazing collection of lights inspired by nature.
Our best-selling Z1 pendant light is one of them…
-“We believe that local handicraft carries the genes of cultural identity”-
Travelling to Asia and Africa, they worked closely with local people to bring together local handicrafts and skills from different cultures. Each light is handmade, unique and a symbol of cultural identity.
In a word, where we constantly hear about major brands producing their lines in factories in Asia to the detriment of the workers’ well-being, it’s reassuring to see that some brands have still some integrity. 
Yes the lamps are expensive but they are handmade (not by a 5 years old in a factory) and unique and each one of them is a celebration of the unique beauty found in different craft techniques available in our world.
BODIE and FOU Style blog The Bulb lamp by Mark Eden Schooley #lighting #handmade #newarrivals #bodieandfou #blacklighting #markeedenschooley #ayilluminate

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  1. Robbie Nevens says

    Wow, this is amazing design! How did he come up with this idea?

  2. Jo Staton says

    I never thought that this is possible. I am very impressed with your idea.

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