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The Gaivota rocking chair

The Gaivota rocking chair

Since Mila was not in the mood for modelling, I asked Lucas, our Australian Shepherd to model next to the Gaivota rocking chair and with a few treats from Pooch and Mutt, he kindly obliged :-)

Designed by Renaud Bonzon, the Gaivota rocking chair, is one of the most rewarded pieces of furniture in Brazil and was selected in 1990 to represent Brazil at the Biennial of Design in São Paulo.
Very comfortable, the Gaivota rocking chair is appreciated for its ergonomics and perfect proportions.The Gaivota rocking chair

The curved forms of both seat and back were defined by Reno Bonzon, after he sat in deep snow during a stay in French Alps and noticed his body print.
Keeping ergonomics in mind, Reno wanted to reproduce this confortable form and paid special attention to both dimensions and balance, making the Gaivota rocking chair very confortable whatever the size of the person may be.

For the sake of environment, Bonzon chose plywood to make the chair but the manufacturing process also allowed him to create large curves which he took advantages from, and introduced movement in his design.

With its sinuous curves, the design of the Gaivota rocking chair, irrevocably reminds the movement even statically represented on a picture.

Our sweet dog happens to have the perfect fur to match the shot we had in mind for the Gaivota rocking chair which is an amazing piece of design.

Styling & Photography: Karine KöngFrançois Köng


  1. Anonymous says

    Quelle est la race de ce chien magnifique ? La chaise est bien aussi, mais vraiment, Lucas est super beau.


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