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The house on the beach

Last week in France, Steve, Mila (5 1/2 years old) and I watched GLEE for the first time (with delight!)…

Le papa: “See Mila….you should practice your singing & dancing and become a famous singer so you could buy us a house on the beach”
Me: “Oh yeah, that would be great, we could stop working and we would look after Lucas for you”
Mila: “It wouldn’t be on the beach…it’s too expensive and people wouldn’t be able to use the beach”
Me: “…well you could also buy us a private beach too and then people can go on the beach next to it…”
Mila: “non…it would be too expensive but it would be right next to it, like in the street next door”
SHE IS 5!!!! Where does this ‘too expensive’ comes from??

Below is a picture of my mum (she is the smiling one in the middle wearing a cute bikini) with her family. Isn’t this a great shot? I’m going to enlarge it and frame it for her as the original is a tiny photo and will also add it to my moodboard.
Have you ever gone through the family albums of your parents or in-laws? Last Christmas when we were in New-Zealand staying with Steve’s parents, I went through their photo albums and found some gorgeous shots of he and his sisters. It is such a cool and fun experience to see people you love when they were kids. I hope one day Mila will appreciate all the pictures I’m taking from her even if now she is totally bored with it!

*which we already do without the house

La semaine derniere en France, Steve, Mila (5 1/2 ans) et moi avons regarde GLEE pour la premiere fois (avec joie!)…
Le papa: “Tu vois Mila….tu pourrais t’entrainer a chanter et dancer, devenir celebre & ensuite tu pourrais nous acheter une maison sur la plage”
Me: “Oh yeah, ca serait genial! On arreterait de travailler et on s’occuperait de Lucas pour toi”
Mila: “Ca ne serait pas sur la plage…c’est trop cher et les gens ne pourraient pas aller a la plage”
Me: “mais si tu peux aussi nous acheter une plage privee et les gens iraient a la plage a cote…”
Mila: “non…c’est trop cher mais ca serait juste a cote, dans la rue a cote”
Elle a 5 ans!!!! Franchement d’ou elle sort ce truc ‘c’est trop cher’??

Dessus est une photo de ma maman (c’est celle qui sourit au milieu en bikini) avec sa famille. N’est-elle pas cool? Je vais l’agrandir et l’encadrer pour lui offrir parce que la photo originale est toute petite et je l’ajouterais aussi a mon moodboard.
Est ce que vous avez deja regarde les albums photos de vos parents ou beaux-parents? A Noel dernier, quand nous etions chez les parents de Steve en Nouvelle-Zelande, j’ai parcouru leurs vieux albums et je suis tombee sur des photos sublimes de Steve et de ses soeurs. C’est juste genial de pouvoir voir les gens que vous aimez quand ils etaient petits. J’espere qu’un jour, Mila appreciera toutes les photos que je prend d’elle meme si pour l’instant, ca l’ennuie prodigieusement!
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  1. cette photo est absolument sublime… tu as raison moi aussi je vais me replonger dans les albums de famille cet été… et pour ce qui est de nos enfants… je trouve aussi qu’ils grandissent plus vite dans leur tête que dans leur corps!!! dis a Mila qu’il existe encore des bouts de plages pas chere… sur qq iles de la méditerranée!!!

  2. great photo..and what about the talk of too expensive houses:)? perhaps too much property talk from her parents? just joking..:)quite sweet how kids pick everything…

  3. I have no idea where she picked this up, with two houses, Steve would get really nervous if I was talking about buying another one :-)

  4. What I was saying was that I really love your family board and the quote “La famille est importante” and Karine you really inspired me to have a look at the old pictures boxes and books.

    My mum had 2 cameras when I was little and I remember here always making pictures at family meetings and holidays. She also took the time to make beautiful little foto books for every of her 5 children. I a really happy with that.

    I have lots of pictures around the house in every room with people I love and recently. In frames or with tape on my blackboard.

    But I took off lots of frames (you know concrete walls and stuff) and I did not feel like putting those up again. So after seeing your family board and the great boards at the VT Wonen shop I did some digging in old boxes and fotocopied some things and made myself a new wall in the hallway.. taped some pictures to the wall and some with Japanese tape as well that I bought at the blue colored day shopping. So in some way you really inspired me ;)
    Merciiiiii desiree

  5. Elle est super cette photo en effet ! Moi j’adore les photos anciennes ! A tel point que visitant les Puces à Bruxelles cette semaine (first time !) j’ai acheté à un brocanteur un album de famille entier (datant des années 20 aux années 50) ! Trop choouette (et pas trop cher comme dirait ta fille) ! :)

  6. Love the photo! You’ve given me an idea, I’m going to go back through old family pics and see if I can’t find some similar family poses!

  7. Anonymous says

    Très belle photo, très fun et en même temps émouvante. Ah, la famille… Comme ça compte… Bon trip parisien.
    Karine (as well).

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