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A beautiful Swedish flat with white floorboards

a beautiful Swedish flat with white wooden floors. Read on

a beautiful Swedish flat with white wooden floors. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comI’m not sure if it was the kitchen units which reminds me of my Ladurée scented candle (it’s so rare to see pale green kitchen units isn’t it?) or the white floorboards but I found this beautiful Swedish flat very soothing and calming, don’t you?

They are a lot of a small details I adore like how the pretty glass containers filled with grains, rice & pasta matching the colours of the Thonet wooden chairs (this Cecile dining chair from John Lewis seems like a good alternative). The retro coffee makers on the stove (little tip: the smell of coffee or freshly baked scornes floating around is great if you’re trying to sell your home), the mix of vintage furniture and contemporary design like this gorgeous Tolomeo light by Artemide.
I have two in our garage since we renovated our home in France 10 years ago which I have yet to use but I can’t bring myself to sell them yet. I’m pretty sure I’ll use them in our next renovations project.

And I think the marble counter and the brass kitchen tap look so gorgeous together (brass taps were used in this bathroom too).Loving the combo of light grey & stylish! Read about this beautiful Swedish flat with white wooden floors on www.karinecandicekong.comLoving the combo of light grey & stylish! Read about this beautiful Swedish flat with white wooden floors on www.karinecandicekong.comNext to the the kitchen is the lounge, which feels as inviting and relaxing. The Kant copper light is similar to the brass version  below. To be honest, I’m not sure how big this flat is but it does feel like the kind of place I’ll be happy to hang out at weekends, don’t you?

A big teapot, a few warm pikelets and my favourite magazines and interior books and I’ll be happy to sit on this big sofa for the rest of the day.The beautiful home of Emma Persson in Sweden. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comLoving the large windows in this beautiful Swedish flat with white floorboards. Read on www.karinecandicekong.coma beautiful Swedish flat with white wooden floors8Can't even call this a messy corner, everything is just plain beautiful in this Swedish flat with white wooden floors. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comLittle reading nook in this gorgeous Swedish flat. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comThere is so many nice corners in this home, it’s almost like this space invites you to slow down, doesn’t it!?
From the sofa, we could potentially move to this gorgeous reading nook filled with books and lovely prints. (see similar wooden stools here and here) or try to do a bit of work from this nice home office.Such an inviting home office, love it! Read on…or just have a nap!

As we recently painted the floorboards of our bedroom white, this bedroom is exactly what I like. You can get a large paper ball like this from good old Ikea, soft white linen here and white cotton bed linens here.Gorgeous white bedroom & wall display in this beautiful Swedish flat. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comWhich room do you love the most? Which detail(s) did you mostly enjoy? For me the marble & brass combo is beautiful. It’s not something I would have thought would work but I think it is very stylish and beautiful

PS: I first wrote this post in 2012 and as I changed the design of the blog earlier this year, I’m slowly re-visiting old blog posts which I think are worthwhile and deleting the ones that I found useless and which I shouldn’t have written in the first place :-) From this 2012 post, I only kept the images and re-wrote entirely the editorial to fit the new format of my house tours but I couldn’t believe this old post had 14 comments!!
I know you’re all busy and are interacting with me on Instagram which is great, but I would be hugely grateful if you could try to comment more on the blog again and for a few reasons. First, when someone comments, I get the feeling that at least whatever I wrote has interested a few of you and it’s important to me. Secondly, some posts about renovations are sources of information so if everyone shares under the blog post, it’s easier for everyone to find the info compared to comments on Instagram which eventually fall into oblivion. While I try to hashtag as much as I can, I have posted over 5K images on Instagram so good luck to you and I to try to find the image where we all discussed a specific topic :-) Last but not least, I’m not worried about traffic as I can see on Google Analytics that the readership is growing but the thing is, I don’t connect with stats and figures, I never have. I connect with real people and considering a blog post like this is, is about 2 to 3 hours of my time, it would be really great to get some feedback.

// Home of Emma Persson Lagerberg, Photography by Petra Bindel



  1. I love the soft and pale colours used in this home. The pale mint, the greys and the white is just catching my eye and making me want to move in right now! Not to mention the wooden floor: I am dreaming of such a floor!!!

  2. @Milynn I totally agree…a very inspiring family space with lots of great details to take on board

    @Mariela Me too!! :-)

    @Murielle de rien, je trouvais que c’etaient vraiment de tres jolies photos a partager

  3. Very lovely house. I love how she was able to combine antique furniture with modern one without the contrast being disturbing. Even though the house is full of things you do not have that impression of it being overstuffed. My favorite is the white wooden floor. It does a wonderful job opening the entire space.

  4. beautifully designed apartment, you want to live in that, no matter besides a great blog, I’m sure I will come back here. I greet and wish you a nice day

  5. Rachel says

    Adore this kitchen. It is exactly what I am seeking to do in my loft conversion. Where does one find the kitchen units and are they still available in this colour? Thanks

    • Hi Emma

      This kitchen was done in Sweden so I’m not sure if the units are available in the UK although I’m sure you could find a similar hue of green in the Farrow & Ball collection or Little Green but I will email the owner to see if she can shade some lights to help you out

    • Hi Rachel,
      Depending on where you are…..
      I’m in Australia and you can have cabinets like these made by a carpenter/builder using a process called “2-pack”. It is applied to MDF or timber and painted any colour you like.
      Alternatively we have a company here called Laminex who have a huge selection of laminate kitchen units in so many colours. Very similar to the beautiful green Karine posted here. I am sure there are companies like this all over the world.
      I hope this helps.
      Kristel (aka @joy.designco )

  6. What a beautiful flat. I love the calm colours, it’s so serene yet there is still lots of stuff making it look inviting. Loving your blog as ever

  7. Loraine says

    Hi Karine , just to say I am truly enjoying your blog now that I am keeping up to date with what you share on this site.

    I find the content you create very inspiring and it gives me new and refreshed ideas for the lifestyle I live and the property we have in Brittany.

    Thanks for your time and effort you put into this blog…

    Loraine xx,

    • Hi Loraine,
      Thank you very much for your comment. I really appreciate and it means a lot to me. If there is any specific subjects you are interested in,by all means, let me know Thanks

  8. This is such a relaxing, real space, it’s as if the owner is just out of camera -shot. Your posts always brighten up my day, especially when the skies are leaden.

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  14. So inspiring! I love the kitchen and how she added just a little bit of green and beige for warmth. The library and her desk are very chic. True source of inspiration.

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