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the jumpsuit | outfit perfection

Given how many jumpsuits I have in my wardrobe, I thought it was time to write about it!
I don’t think I ever found anything so versatile. It’s feminine, practical, easy to accessorise and very sexy with the right shoes.

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The working mum in me, probably wears them a bit too often now (hence the required ownership of several) but frankly they go with everything! So here is a round up of my favourite models and shoes to go with it.

Plain Jumpsuits
1/ My latest acquisition is this jumpsuit in blue denim. I was actually trying something on at Scotch & Soda when Elodie emailed me a photo of the jumpsuits she was trying in Paris and I ended up ordering it online in the changing room. Big LOVE! The fabric is soft, light and I love the denim colour for the Summer.

Soft denim jumpsuit perfect for the Summer

2/ For a more stylish look, this black Shreela jumpsuit by Malene Birger is one of my fav. It looks very chic and will perfect with any of clutches I mentioned here.
3/ This Elisa jersey jumpsuit by Baukjen is very feminine and easy-to-care for. My favourite detail is the fitted cuff details on the trousers, great to look slimmer.
4/ ASOS has a fantastic collection of jumpsuits here. I recently bought this John Zack cami jumpsuit and wore it for an Award event and it felt great. The fabric is very light and the cut very sexy (perfect for going out).
5/ If you have a small upper frame and nicely toned shoulder (which you should have if you’ve been doing this workout), this V Neck jumpsuit is a must-have! Very flattering, sexy and a great buy for the price.
6/ I don’t wear patterns because it doesn’t really suit me but I love the summery feel of this Ester jumpsuit.
7/ If you mean business, Reiss has a fantastic collection that will get you a part in the next James Bond!
8/ And if you don’t have the time to to shop around, Debenhams has also great selection of jumpsuits

Gorgeous V Neck jumpsuit in black

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Je viens d’en retrouver une dans mon dressing (sic) mais en version courte. Photo to come. Bonne journée Karine.

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