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The Kaeko coffee table by Rafic Farah

The KAEKO coffee table by Rafic Farah. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comI love when there is a story behind a design, the same way I love things in my home to tell a story about our family, our life and values. The Kaeko table was designed by Brazilian Rafic Farah. One day, someone asked his father: “By the way Jorge, what is the job of your son?”Rafic’s father said: “He has little jobs here and there” which made me smile.

How often do our fathers have no clue about what we do really :-)

In truth, Rafic Farah is an accomplished Furniture Designer, Architect, Artistic director, Graphic designer, Photographer and Script writer. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban planning of São Paulo and has been a major force in the Brazilian design scene since the 1980’s. He designed several logos for major Brazilian firms and helped to create Trip magazine, one of Brazil’s most popular magazines geared towards a young crowd. Influenced by the Tropicalist movement from the 1960’s and 1970’s, his work has a very strong Brazilian aesthetic.

Over the years, Rafic Farah took part in many exhibitions in Brazil and also abroad (Tel Aviv, Paris, Rome and Frankfurt). His work was rewarded by the Ekoplagat price (international category) and he also represented Brazil during “Graphistes autour du monde” in 2001 in Paris.The KAEKO coffee table by Rafic Farah. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comAt the end of the Eighties, Farah started designing objects and furniture with simple lines, uncluttered, almost ethereal. One of his best creations is, without any doubt, the Kaeko coffee table initially designed for and inspired by the Doctor Kaeco, a tall, half-blood Japanese woman with deep black hair. Like an oriental brushstroke, the table’s sinuous base forms a continuous structure in stainless steel or carbon steel with black electrostatic painting.

The Kaeko coffee table is one of my favourite designs along with the Paulistano chair. It has been nominated one of the 10 Best coffee tables by The Independent newspaper and is a perfect example of flawless design. Sometimes, the simple things are the most beautiful ones. Less is more isn’t it!?

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