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This is Lucas, our Australian Shepherd

This is Lucas, our Australian Shepherd

Our little Australian Shepherd puppy…
8 weeks only…
Green eyes….
Full of love and cuddles..

And we’re all totally crazy about him!

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  1. que diviiiinooooooo!!! beautifull,sweet,lovely!!!l am sure you feel gagaaaa!!!!!!!besossssss!!

  2. Ahhhhhhh completely and utterly gooooooooorgeous. Hope it’s going well? What is the breed??? X

  3. Anonymous says

    Absolutely beautiful! What breed is he and what breed to do you already? Sx

  4. Lucas is an Australian Shepherd… They are very smart dogs…So far he has broken one picture frame, made a hole in my favourite black summer dress, destroyed one of Mila’s doudous, bite our wooden bench but he is getting better and is learning :-)
    and is super fluffy and great with kids

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