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Off-the-shoulder dress

I love off-the-shoulder dresses or tops!

I, like many women, could write a long list of things I don’t like about my body…
However, I’m working on A-DO-RING (yes adoring not just loving) my body.
So I will focus on the two things I like I find sexy and that is my shoulders and collar line.

It is important to focus on the positive.
There is always something positive about our bodies. This is why I always ask women who contact me to photograph them, what part of their body they love the most.

They often love just one or two things about themselves.
However, I see so much beauty in them. In their expressions, their smile, their energy, their personality and that’s really what I’m trying to bring out in all my portraits…but I digress.

16 years of classical ballet has given me a decent posture and the recent daily workout during lockdown has given me back a bit of arms definition.
So I thought I would treat myself with a gown that would enhance the part of my body I’m happy with.Off-the-shoulder dressOff-the-shoulder dressOff-the-shoulder dress

I love how stylish this off-the-shoulder dress looks.

I will probably shorten it just above my ankles to elongate my figure or maybe higher like the model wears it here.

It is perfect for a Summer evening with friends or to host an event like the ones I will be planning at CASA PYLA. It’s also wonderfully light to wear on a hot day at the beach.

If you are feeling a bit self-conscious with the area around your stomach, wear the dress with a belt to get some waist definition. Hush has a nice selection here.
OFF-the-shoulder dress

The other thing I loved about this off-the-shoulder dress is that you can wear it on one shoulder by tucking the inside of the other sleeve inside. It’s not perfect as it is not meant to be worn like this. But frankly, I think it works too. I almost prefer it like that. don’t you!?Off-the-shoulder dress

Little posing tip:

To make your arms slimmer, put your hand on your hip, and bring your elbow to the back. You can see more posing inspiration on my photography website here.OFF-the-shoulder dress

And then the wind came and the shoot was over ;-)


Off-the-shoulder dress

This lovely off-the-shoulder dress is available here. I’m wearing it with previous season Isabel Marant slides. Click here for SS20 slides
To book a portrait session with me, contact me here.


  1. Isabell says

    Hello Karine,

    you look really good in this dress!
    I also love your idea to restyle the dress to wear it just over one-shoulder –
    suits you even more.

    Thank you for this inspiration

    Greetings from Germany,

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