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Throwback to our home in London

I was going through some old pictures and came across this one of our home in London.

The lounge with its resin floor and high ceilings was my favorite space in our home. It felt really spacious and airy and I love that in wintertime, we could also have a fire going.

Apart from the wooden stool which I sold when we moved to France, I have pretty much everything. The NEW-YORK print is available here.

The Milk lamp is stored waiting to find its spot in CASA PYLA  and the dining table is now in our home in France (available for rentals here). New-York fine art printI’m sometimes nostalgic about our 23 years in London. Mostly when I looked at old pictures ;-)

I miss our family brunches in Chiswick, going to Columbia Road flower market, hanging out in the old Spitalfields market, and grabbing a bagel in Bricklane. Yet that old market had been destroyed by the time we left London and replaced by a new, property development.

However, would I move back there and leave coastal living? No way.
I would miss the ocean too much. I really don’t mind if the town gets quieter in wintertime. It gives me the opportunity to go for a walk or run and appreciate my surroundings.

Plus we are making a home of CASA PYLA which will be an even better version of what we had achieved with the London one.
Our tadelakt bathroom was beautiful but the 4 bathrooms with polished concrete walls and floorings I’m designing for CASA PYLA will be as beautiful if not more.

Let me know if you have any questions. xoxo


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