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Today I love…

Today I love...this inspiring styling which blends beautifully textures, B&W photography and industrial furniture. Read on


First of all, I’m loving this Bank Holiday Monday, don’t you!?
We went for a bike ride early this morning to grab breakfast at Artisan, a really nice café in Stamford Brook that François and I shot a couple of years ago for The Simple Things magazine. I’m now sitting on my bed, admiring the view and working on my impeding interior design project in France while answering booking enquiries about this house (this one has only one week left available in August).

I love this shot and especially how it blends beautifully the textures from the back of the canvas, the black & white photos from fashion magazines and the soft industrial touch from the table.

Seriously…isn’t using the back of a canvas as shelving such a great idea!? I’m really loving this and I think it will be perfect for the house in France to add textures and updates the atmosphere of the room depending on the seasons. The Ascot chair from Swoon Editions looks similar to the one in the picture but personally I would prefer this wooden stool that would match the canvas and I would add some gorgeous off-white ceramics and this natural basketHouse Doctor does a table like this so if you want to order one via BODIE and FOU, let me know.

What do you think? Which feature (s) do you love the most?

//Styling: Pella Hedeby, Photography by Sara Medina Lind


    • Thanks Pella, I was trying to tag you last night on Facebook but it didn’t work. I had seen the same setting with the Easter theme you did so was wondering if this one was yours too. I will add the credit thanks!

      • Thanks Karine! :) And this is the fab House Doctor table in the picture. Have a great day! <3

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